[Can rice worms still eat]_Recommended diet

[Can rice worms still eat]_Recommended diet

If the rice at home is stored for too long or the weather is humid, there will be worms in the rice, which will make people very distressed. Can rice worms still eat?

If the rice is not kept for a long time, as long as the insects inside are removed, there is no problem in eating. Let ‘s take a look at this aspect.

Insect bugs in rice are a normal natural phenomenon, mainly because there are some eggs in the grain during production. When the temperature of rice is relatively high, some eggs will naturally hatch.

At this time, the insects inside should slowly crawl out, and the rice should be placed in a cool and ventilated place.

Use some irritating foods such as peppercorns or garlic to drive insects. For example, put peppercorns or garlic in wormy rice. These worms can drive them out after they smell these pungent odors.Of course, this method also has disadvantages. That is, rice easily absorbs this pungent odor, which affects the taste of rice.

After purchasing rice in life, you must prevent the problem of rice insects. First, you must pay attention to good storage. Do not buy too much rice. You should buy as much as you want, and then place the rice in a dry and cool place.high.

Avoid rice insects.

The above simply understands that rice worms can still eat?

As long as the rice has not been stored for a long time, as long as the insects inside are driven out, the rice is still edible. To understand the method of deworming, you must also do a good job of rice storage to avoid the phenomenon of insects and store riceThe temperature must not be too high, and the overlapping environment must be avoided. Only in this way can rice worms be prevented.