[Can rice worms still eat]_Recommended diet

[Can rice worms still eat]_Recommended diet

If the rice at home is stored for too long or the weather is humid, there will be worms in the rice, which will make people very distressed. Can rice worms still eat?

If the rice is not kept for a long time, as long as the insects inside are removed, there is no problem in eating. Let ‘s take a look at this aspect.

Insect bugs in rice are a normal natural phenomenon, mainly because there are some eggs in the grain during production. When the temperature of rice is relatively high, some eggs will naturally hatch.

At this time, the insects inside should slowly crawl out, and the rice should be placed in a cool and ventilated place.

Use some irritating foods such as peppercorns or garlic to drive insects. For example, put peppercorns or garlic in wormy rice. These worms can drive them out after they smell these pungent odors.Of course, this method also has disadvantages. That is, rice easily absorbs this pungent odor, which affects the taste of rice.

After purchasing rice in life, you must prevent the problem of rice insects. First, you must pay attention to good storage. Do not buy too much rice. You should buy as much as you want, and then place the rice in a dry and cool place.high.

Avoid rice insects.

The above simply understands that rice worms can still eat?

As long as the rice has not been stored for a long time, as long as the insects inside are driven out, the rice is still edible. To understand the method of deworming, you must also do a good job of rice storage to avoid the phenomenon of insects and store riceThe temperature must not be too high, and the overlapping environment must be avoided. Only in this way can rice worms be prevented.

[Honey is cold or hot?】 _Coldness_Hotness

You will be able to find out what is happening in the village, as well as the following:紑姘存垨鏄俯搴﹁绷楂樼殑姘达达负纴锲犱灭殑钀ュ吇鎴愬垎锛屾墍浠ョ█阅婅渹铚灭殑镞跺€欙紝鏈€濂戒娇琢?0搴︿互涓嬬殑娓╂按銆傝渹铚滃彲浠ユ鼎鑲犻€氫究涔熸湁寰堝ソ鐨勭編瀹瑰姛鏁堬紝浣嗘槸鏈夌殑浜轰笉浠呰闂簡铚傝湝锛屽埌搴曟槸鐑€ц繕鏄噳鎬х殑鍛?铚傝湝鏄儹鎬х殑杩樻槸鍑夋€х殑1銆佽渹铚滀箣涓湁鐑€ц渹铚滃瓨鍦紝鏈€甯歌鐨勭儹鎬ц湝绉嶅氨鏄灒鑺辫湝锛屽彟澶栫泭姣嶈崏铚滃叿鏈夋椿琛€璋冪粡鐨勪綔鐢紝涔熸槸鐑€ц渹铚滅殑涓€绉嶃€The result is that there is no such thing as a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man.涓殑甯歌铚滅锛岃繖绉嶈湝鐨勬渶澶у姛鏁堝氨鏄粙琛ヨ倽鑲撅紝涔熸槸鐑€ц渹铚滅殑涓€绉嶃€?銆 佺 麺 麲 酲 銅 銑 Ningge  镄 勫 勳 訳 ц 湝 Cream emerging chain chains and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and pans and shovels and shovels and sorrels and sorrels and sorrels槸鍑夋€х殑铚滅锛岃€屼笖杩欎簺铚傝湝鐨勬竻鐑В姣掑姛鏁堥兘寰堝嚭鑹诧紝鐗瑰埆閫傚悎浜庝究绉樺拰What are the rules and regulations?銆佸浜庤渹铚滄槸鍑夋€ф垨鐑€х殑鍖哄垎锛岃繕鏈夊彟澶栦竴绉嶈娉曪紝灏辨槸璇寸敤浜斿崄搴﹀乏鍙崇殑娓╂按杩涜鍐叉场鐨勮渹铚滃氨鏄儹鎬х殑锛岄€傚悎鑴捐儍铏氬急鐨勪汉缇ら鐢ㄣ€備絾鏄敤甯告俯姘寸洿鎺ュ啿娉$殑铚傝湝锛屽氨鏄噳鎬х殑锛屼汉浠鐢ㄥ悗鍙互璧峰埌娓呯儹娉荤伀鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?銆佽渹铚滃埌搴曟槸鐑€ц繕鏄噳鎬т笉鏄渹铚滄湰韬喅瀹氱殑锛岃€岀敱瀹冪殑铚滄簮妞嶇墿鏉ュ喅瀹The following is the best way to do it: if you want to use it, you will be able to work with it, if you want to use it, you will be able to use it.浣嗘槸姣忓ぉ鐨勯鐢ㄩ噺涓嶈兘瓒呰繃涓夊崄鍏嬨€?

[Chicory tea has some effects]_benefit_setting

[Chicory tea has some effects]_benefit_setting

With the gradual improvement of living standards nowadays, many people pay more and more attention to health and health care in life. The most commonly used method is to supplement some tea with health effects.

Chicory tea is one of them. Chicory tea is made from chicory, buckwheat and oatmeal as a main ingredient.

The health and health benefits of chicory are not found in many plants.

Efficacy of Chicory Tea 1. Chicory tea has a variety of health effects such as improving human endocrine disorders, regulating gastrointestinal functions, clearing bowel, purging laxatives, reducing fire and moistening, slimming skin care, enhancing human immunity.

2. Chicory tea is rich in potassium, which can effectively increase brain oxygen supply and regulate heart rhythm.

3. Chicory tea also contains special ingredients, such as horse millet bark extract, which has significant medicinal value for hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

4. Chicory tea clears heat and detoxifies, diuretic and swelling, cures hot and humid jaundice, nephritis, edema, epigastric pain, and loss of appetite.

Chicory tea is suitable for 1, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood sugar.

2. People who want to lose weight.

(You can use chicory tea as an auxiliary method to lose weight, you must stick to it for a long time.) 3. People with poor stomach and indigestion.

4, easy to get angry people.

The young leaves of chicory can be harvested and eaten, but softened cultivated chicory buds are mainly used as raw food.

After cleaning the large sprouts, peel off the leaf petals, dip the whole leaf into the sauce, and put it in a delicious appetizer.

Small sprouts can be eaten whole.

Do not rinse with hot boiling water when washing (it will turn brown and become soft and bitter after heating), but fry and cook.

The outer layer has damaged outer leaves. After washing, it can be stir-fried, fried and ready to eat, not for long.

What are the aliases of chicory chicory: chicory, bitter vegetables, cassini, wrinkled chicory, eyesight, coffee radish, coffee grass.

Above-ground part of the chicory chicory.

Chicory tastes slightly bitter, salty and cold.

Efficacy: Qingrejiedu; diuretic swelling.

Indications: Damp-heat jaundice; nephritis edema; epigastric pain; loss of appetite.

Dosage: Oral: Jiantang, 3-9g.

Topical: Moderate, wash with decoction.

[Can pregnant women eat fish?

]_ Recommended diet

[Can pregnant women eat fish?
]_ Recommended diet

Belt fish is a common type of fish meat. In fact, belt fish is a favorite of many people. It can cook a variety of delicious foods and also contains high nutritional value.It’s a waste of doubt, so let’s know if pregnant women can eat strip fish?

In fact, pregnant women can eat strip fish safely. Strip fish contains a lot of nutrients and has good medicinal value. It can supplement protein, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, calcium, iron, etc.The effect of nourishing blood and nourishing blood and zinc supplements, chemical fiber anti-inflammatory, scientific consumption of pregnant women during pregnancy, nourishing and conditioning the body is actually very good, but also beneficial to brain tissue development.

It is indeed more advantageous for pregnant women to eat tapefish, but you must also understand some dietary principles and taboos. Before eating tapefish, you must first buy fresh and high-quality alternatives, so that the ingredients and food will be more delicious and healthy.Try to take the fish while it is fresh and do not leave it for too long, because the longer the food is, the more likely it will spoil or cause nutrition loss.

Also pay attention to the correct cooking methods. Generally speaking, pregnant women should avoid high oil, high temperature, high transfer, and irritating foods. Because these diets are difficult to digest and easy to get angry, it is not good for pregnant women.Sometimes, the wrong cooking method will also lead to the loss of nutrients in big fish, so avoid high temperature cooking.

China Life Insurance (601628) 3 quarterly report: NBV grows by 20 annually.

4% Q3 single quarter net profit growth 483% long-term market expectations are both short-term highlights and long-term transformation bonus

China Life Insurance (601628) 3 quarterly report: NBV grows by 20 every year.

4% Q3 single quarter net profit growth 483% long-term market expectations are both short-term highlights and long-term transformation bonus

Investment recommendations: China Life’s net profit attributable to mothers increased by 190% in the first three quarters and 483% in the third quarter;

4%, the performance exceeded market expectations.

China Life’s opening in advance has a better effect on the stage of pre-collection. The beginning of 2020 and the gradual NBV are expected to achieve high growth.

In the long run, China Life also has a transformation bonus, and the “Dingxin Project” has been advanced deeply. The change in management mechanism will further stimulate business growth.

Maintain the previous profit forecast for China Life in 2019 and 2020 (net profit of 63.1 billion / 70.6 billion, + 454% / 12%).

Currently China Life’s 2019 PEV is 0.

93 times, PEV is limited to 0 in 2020.

80 times, there is still room for improvement, maintaining the “Buy” rating.

China Life achieved a net profit of 57.7 billion attributable to mothers in the first three quarters, and increased by 190 in the future.

4%, of which Q3 in the single quarter increased by 483.

4% is expected to be brought about by a substantial increase in investment income.

Annualized total investment income return 5.

72%, an increase of 2 a year.

31 points; annualized net investment income increased by 4.

83%, increasing by 0 every year.

21 points.

NBV grows by 20 per year.

4%, of which the new single premium increased by 6 in half a year.

5%, the new business value margin increases by 13 each year.


The optimization of business structure is obvious, with premiums of ten years and above accounting for 51% of the first year’s payment, gradually increasing by 15.

7pct, premiums for certain protection products accounted for 8% of the first year’s pay.

8 points.

The number of agents has risen.

The number of omnichannel agents was 1.95 million, of which 166 were agents of insurance channels.

30,000, an increase of 9 from the end of last quarter.

0 million, an increase of 22 over the end of last year.


At the same time, the hostage state is also showing a positive trend.

The average monthly effective sales manpower growth of individual insurance channels.

4%; the average monthly manpower sales of specific insurance products in individual insurance channels increased further49.


We expect China Life’s annual profit and NBV growth in 2019 to far exceed peers.

With an ultra-low base (2018 Q4 net profit-8.5 billion), gradually high probability of net profit will maintain ultra-high growth.

The growth rate of NBV in 2019 is expected to be about 18%.
We predict that the premium side will also achieve rapid growth in 2020, or the growth rate may replace other companies.
Breakthrough. Under the environment where the bank’s wealth management returns have fallen and trust and private equity breakthroughs have just been fulfilled, the advantages of annuity insurance’s “capital-guaranteed income protection” have become prominent.

At the same time, China Life has initially begun preparations for the start of 2020. It has started pre-collection on October 20 and seized customers in advance. We expect that the completion of the sales of main products can be avoided without pressure, and the growth of main product premiums is expected to exceed 30%.

In addition, the better growth of the starters has a positive incentive for the morale of the sales team. The improvement in the quality of agents will promote the growth of subsequent protection products and long-term annuity 杭州夜生活网 insurance.

And compared with other companies, China Life can still carry out business structure optimization dividends.

We expect its NBV growth rate to reach 15% -20% in 2020.

In the long run, the performance of the development of management mechanisms is worth looking forward to.

China Life launched the “Dingxin Project” with the goal of establishing a business-oriented combat organization system, with a focus on making big insurances and establishing a market-oriented professional investment management system.

The key tasks of the “Dingxin Project” include: 1) the organizational structure adjustment, the headquarters has been completed, strengthening the headquarters’ decision-making command, strengthening the front desk (inclining more resources to various insurance channels), optimizing the middle stage, streamlining the backstage.

2) Market-oriented talent management, evaluation mechanism, expenditure allocation, and especially the market-oriented evaluation of the investment system have a direct effect on promoting investment performance.

3) Strict assessment of branch leaders, quarterly ranking, management cadres “can go up and down”, and strengthen business pressure and enthusiasm.

The improvement in management in 2019 has brought good performance for the year, and the change in management mechanism will further enhance the business growth.

Risk Warning: The interest rate fell more than expected, the size of the agent expanded more than expected, and the sales of guaranteed products fell short of expectations.

Red Sun (000525) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Restructuring of gross profit margin drags down profits optimistic about long-term performance growth

Red Sun (000525) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Restructuring of gross profit margin drags down profits optimistic about long-term performance growth
Core point of view The company’s revenue grew steadily in 2018, and gross profit margin restructuring dragged down profits.However, we are optimistic that the company will improve the industrial chain through the deployment of new production capacity, and long-term performance growth can be expected.Due to lower product prices in the short term and higher-than-expected increase in raw material costs, we have lowered the company’s 2019/20 net profit return to motherhood to 7.02/8.76 million, cut target price to 24.2 yuan (origin target price of 30 yuan), maintain “Buy” rating. Operating income grew steadily, and gross profit margins dragged 厦门夜网 down profits.The company achieved revenue of 59 in 2018.08 thousand yuan, ten years +16.5%; sales of major products such as paraquat, diquat, and chlorpyrifos have driven sales upward.The company achieved first-class net profit attributable to mother 6.370,000 yuan, at least -10.8%, lower than expected.The company’s profit growth was mainly due to the shrinking supply of upstream raw materials, which led to rising production costs and a decline in gross profit margin.8 pieces to 28.9%. We believe that in the future, under the tightening policy environment of Anhuan, tightening supply and demand is expected to drive product prices upward, and the company’s gross margin improvement can be expected. Layout of multi-product capacity, long-term performance growth can be expected.In 2018, the company 1 candidate biochemical enemy grass fast, 1 involved in biochemical VB3, 2.The production capacity of 5 free radical biochemical phospholipid bases and 3,000 tons of biochemical glufosinate were successfully completed and put into operation. At the end of 2018, the company signed an investment framework agreement for the Chongqing Longevity Production Base Project and plans to invest 16.$ 8 billion to build 2 initial biochemical glufosinate projects.We are optimistic that the company will improve the integrated industrial chain by actively deploying new production capacity and launching new bases.After the above-mentioned production capacity is fully released, the company is expected to realize its production capacity and cost advantages to further increase market share, and long-term performance growth is expected. The acquisition of Chongqing Zhongbang was completed, and the industrial chain was effectively coordinated.In 2018 the company started with 11.8.6 billion yuan completed the acquisition of 100% equity of Chongqing Zhongbang, and the promised acquisition target net profit for 2018-2020 is not less than 64,449 / 8,477 / 11,214 yuan; in 2018, it achieved net profit of 68,200,000 yuan, exceeding the performance commitment.Chongqing Zhongbang’s feasible 2,3-dichlorothiophene and ZPT production capacity form an effective synergy with the company’s existing industry chain.We believe that the company’s market expansion is expected to increase under the background of the dichloro radical leading companies’ limited production and tight supply and demand pattern. Risk factors: intensified competition in the industry; less-than-expected release of production capacity; declining global demand for pesticides. Investment suggestion: As product prices decline in the short term and raw material costs increase more than expected, we lower the company’s 2019/20 net profit return to motherhood to 7.02/8.76 trillion (previous forecast was 11.49/13.560 thousand yuan), the corresponding EPS is 1.21/1.51 yuan; we predict that net profit attributable to mothers will be 10 in 2021.830,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS1.86 yuan.Based on the industry’s average expected level, the company was given 20 times PE in 2019, and the target price was reduced to 24.2 yuan (origin target price of 30 yuan), maintain “Buy” rating.

Yixintang (002727) Annual Report Tracking: Active Expansion of Pharmacy Leaders Has Great Growth Potential

Yixintang (002727) Annual Report Tracking: Active Expansion of Pharmacy Leaders Has Great Growth Potential

Core points: 1.

Event: The company achieved revenue of 91 in 2018.

76 ppm, an 18-year increase.

39%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies5.

21 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.

27%; net profit attributable to non-attributed mothers5.

08 million yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.


Implement EPS 0.

92 yuan.

Among them, in the fourth quarter of 2018, the company achieved revenue of 25.

570,000 yuan, an increase of 19 in ten years.

01%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

3.0 billion, down 3 each year.

94%; realized non-returned net profit of 0.

930,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

01%, achieving EPS 0.

18 yuan.

The company achieved net operating cash flow in 20186.

3.6 billion, an increase of 62 in ten years.

54%, mainly due to the company’s collection of medical insurance premiums in the current period, and the shortening of the medical insurance payment period.

During the reporting period, the company made provision for impairment of goodwill in 1906.

660,000 yuan, all from the United States Ruifu Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. and the United States Ruifuxiang Economic and Trade Co., Ltd.


Our Analysis and Judgment (I) The rapid expansion of stores, the profit of new stores is expected to further release the company’s 18-year store expansion “slow and then fast”, and overall rapid expansion.

As of the end of the reporting period, the company had 5,758 stores, of which 953 were newly opened, and 261 were relocated or closed, which was 692 more than the end of last year.

The company optimized and adjusted stores in the first half of the year, expanding store expansion, but replacing the company ‘s store expansion and speeding up in the second half of the year, the company ‘s scale of stores still maintained rapid growth.

The company ‘s store expansion accelerated in the second half of the year, including a net increase of 207 stores in the third quarter and a net increase of 281 stores in the fourth quarter.

The company plans to build 1,200 new stores in 2019.

As of January 31, 2019, the company had 5,872 stores, with a net increase of 114 stores during the month, which maintained rapid growth.

The new store is still in the running-in period, and future profits will increase further and be released.

In the fourth quarter, the company’s net profit after deducting non-attributions increased only annually.

01%, less than revenue 19.

01% growth per second.

Due to the company’s rapid expansion of stores in the second half of the year, most of the new stores are still in the running-in period, which will affect profitability in the short term.

In addition, the company’s new store expansion is concentrated in the second half of the year, and the performance of the company from the opening date to the report termination date has changed. The potential profitability has not been fully reflected.

As the new store enters the mature stage, we expect the company’s performance to be gradually released, and the performance boost effect brought by store expansion will be more significant.

We believe that the current concentration of domestic retail pharmacies has decreased and is still in the stage of leading horse races. The company will continue to expand rapidly in the future. The risk of goodwill impairment is manageable.

As of the end of the reporting period, the ending balance of goodwill in the company’s consolidated financial statements was 10.

77 ppm, accounting for 14 of the assets of the consolidated financial statements.



During the reporting period, the company made provision for impairment of goodwill in 1906.

660,000 yuan, all from import and export companies in the United States.

From the perspective of the retail pharmacy business model, goodwill is scattered among many stores, and the probability of large-scale impairments at the same time for each store is small.

Generally speaking, the company’s risk of impairment of goodwill on a one-time scale is controllable.

Thanks to the adjustment of stores in the first half of the year, the company’s ability to control expenses improved.

As the company slowed down its expansion in the first half of the year, the company’s store expansion in 2018 was higher than in previous years.

Benefiting from the company’s adjustment of stores in the first half of the year, the company’s expenses were well controlled in 2018, and both the management expense ratio and the sales expense ratio dropped significantly.

However, due to the decline in gross profit margin, the net profit margin only increased slightly.

Of which the management expense ratio is 4.

35%, a decrease of 0 compared with the same period last year.

23pp; sales expense ratio 26.

75%, a decrease from the same period last year.

08pp; gross margin 40.

53%, a decrease of 0 from the same period last year.

99pp; net interest rate 5.

66%, an increase of 0 over the same period last year.


The enhancement of the company’s cost control ability was mainly due to the company’s expansion in the first half of the year.

The company’s gross profit margin decreased slightly, mainly due to the decrease in the gross profit margin of incremental varieties represented by prescription drugs and DTP varieties.

(2) Multi-regional blossoming across the country, three-dimensional layout of county and township stores with great potential The company has strengthened the multi-regional layout of the country, and “high density in a small number of areas” exerts its scale advantage.

The company’s key development areas are in the Southwest and South China, while taking into account the store development in North China. At present, the primary area for the company to strengthen its layout is Sichuan and Chongqing.

The company’s strategy takes into account the national multi-region, and at the same time adheres to the high-density layout of stores in core areas, gradually forming an urban-rural integrated store layout structure.

As of the end of the reporting period, the company has more than 3,000 stores in Yunnan, more than 500 in Sichuan and Guangxi, more than 100 in Shanxi, Guizhou, and Hainan, and nearly 200 in Chongqing.

The company has initially formed Sichuan, Chongqing, Guiqiong and other key areas for promotion beyond Yunnan, and the company will expand in the above areas in the future.

Retail pharmacies have obvious geographical characteristics, and the company’s high-density layout of stores in advantageous areas can firmly maintain its scale advantage.

At present, the overall concentration of the pharmaceutical retail market will continue, and the overall market integration space is expected to continue.

As the leader of retail pharmacy, the company’s scale advantage and business experience will continue to help the company expand from the southwest to the whole country, with huge future development space.

The three-dimensional store layout takes into account the category market, and the potential of the grassroots market in towns, counties and cities is huge.

According to the number of reports, the company has more than 1,000 market stores in four types: provincial, prefecture-level, county-level, and township, forming an industry-specific urban-county-country integrated development pattern.

Provincial capitals and prefecture-level stores form a central radiation from the dimensions of brand, goods, services, and logistics, which play a guiding role in the consumption of the county market population, and are more conducive to the establishment of competitive barriers and cost advantages at all levels of the market.

With the “sinking of channels” for medical and health consumption and a new wave of urbanization, the rural population will expand to focus on third- and fourth-tier cities and county markets, with huge market potential.

At the same time, because the company’s supply chain management of commodity procurement, distribution, variety structure and other advantages over small and medium-sized chain, so the county, township level regional competitiveness is stronger, there is no need to replace more marketing resources and more aggressive pricescompetition.

Although the county and township-level stores have gradually exceeded the company’s average level, due to the low cost of rent and labor costs, the county and township-level stores have gradually exceeded the company’s average level, which has strengthened the company’s profitability.

Standardized store operation system ensures chain replication capability.

The company adheres to the development strategy of “highly standardized and unified management”, which must enable the company to have faster and larger-scale sustainable development capabilities.
After years of standardization construction, the company has established a total of more than 890 management systems, more than 3750 work processes, and more than 23,900 work standard management systems. Relevant management documents total more than 20 million words, and 44 work manuals are used by core employees.
From pre-market investigation, market planning to site selection, approval, decoration, store shelf layout, product structure design to new employee training, marketing, store operation management, etc., all have formulated integrated standardized processes, strict operating procedures and management control standards, To ensure the rapid replication and unified management of the new store.

Standardized operators are still conducive to building brand advantages, forming a brand image in the heart of consumers, and enhancing customer stickiness.

(3) Improve the refined management system and actively develop special pharmacy services.
Refined management to meet customer needs, and gradually establish full tracking is conducive to undertake new services.

The company’s dating CRM customer relationship management system, relying on the experience of 5000 long-term stores and serving 18 million members, customizes “big health” service plans and health solutions for customers with accurate perspectives and scientific methods to achieve the entire customer-oriented processDouble closed loop refined management.

According to the multi-dimensional segmentation of customers, the company provides a full range of services to different customer groups in different ways to improve customer loyalty.

After 2015, Yixintang promoted a customer medication quality transformation system. Through the CRM system, all sales drugs were established with customers, so that more than 75% of drug sales could be transformed into specific customers.

The company’s information traceability system can not only provide customers with safety guarantees for medication, but also help the company to undertake new pharmacy services such as “prescription drug outflow” and DTP pharmacy.

Benefiting from the “outflow of prescription drugs”, the company’s medical insurance stores performed well.

With the outflow of prescriptions and the promotion of DTP varieties, the average revenue growth of provincial and prefecture 成都桑拿网 medical insurance stores is faster than the average income growth of these two levels of regional stores.

The revenue of the company’s medical insurance stores is 20 higher than the average store revenue.


The company currently has 341 stores for special chronic medical insurance. The average single-store revenue of these stores is 51 higher than the company’s average.

93%, which is 25% higher than the average income of the company’s medical insurance stores.


The company sells 103 DTP products with a sales ratio of 0.

82%, pass the machine gross profit 8.

63%. Although the gross profit margin of these varieties has increased, these varieties are incremental, which can directly increase profits.

At the same time, because the customer stickiness of this part of the product is stronger, the increase in sales will also bring stable passenger flow.

With the outflow of prescriptions, the introduction of DTP varieties, the expansion of pharmacy channels with a variety of procurement types, the opening of payment for accounts for chronic diseases, the future receipt growth of the company’s stores ushered in new growth points.


Investment suggestions The company’s growth is in line with expectations, and we are optimistic about the company’s future development prospects.

First of all, we are optimistic about the prospect of the company’s rapid expansion.

The company’s store keeps expanding rapidly, and the new store opening target set for 2019 is still considerable. We are optimistic about the company’s store expansion capability and the potential for new stores to gradually mature and release profits.

Gradually, we are optimistic about the operating advantages of the company’s three-dimensional store layout.

As a leading retail drug store in the southwest, the company maintains a high-density store layout and maintains competitive barriers in the predominant regions. The company’s unique three-dimensional store layout penetrates the county and township grassroots markets. It has significant competitive advantages at the county and township level and has great potential.

Finally, we are optimistic about the company’s ability to refine management and the potential to develop new pharmacy services.

The company’s refined management meets the needs of customers, and the company’s information conversion system is conducive to the company’s commitment to the outflow of prescription drugs and the development of DTP pharmacy services.

We are optimistic about the rapid growth of the company’s future profits and predict that the net profit attributable to mothers will be 6 in 2019-2021.



39 trillion, corresponding to EPS 1.



65 yuan, corresponding to PE is 20.



3 times.

Maintain the “Recommended” level.
4.Risks suggest that the company’s store layout is less than expected, the risk of drug quality problems, and the risk of intensified market competition.

Xingsen Technology (002436): Semiconductor attributes strengthen growth as scheduled and implement as always

Xingsen Technology (002436): Semiconductor attributes strengthen growth as scheduled and implement as always

Event: In the evening of February 24, the company released the 2019 performance report, and realized operating income of 37 in the reporting period.

92 ppm, a ten-year increase of 9.

19%, achieving net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 41 in ten years.

09%, sales revenue maintained steady growth, mainly from semiconductor test board business, IC package substrate business and SMT business revenue growth.

  The gradual strengthening of semiconductor attributes: Since the first half of 2019, the company’s overall sales and profit contribution of test boards and IC packaging substrates in semiconductor-related fields have been increasing, and the growth rate is accelerating.

The company announced on January 21 that Guangzhou Xingsen Semiconductor Co., Ltd., which was 合肥夜网 co-founded with Guangzhou Science City Group, National Integrated Circuit Industry Fund and other companies, is the execution platform for the next large-scale expansion of IC carrier boards.This is very clear: “Product cut-in”, “Small-batch manufacturing”, “Customer approval”, “Quantity expansion”, “Scale growth” The advanced route has now entered the last two states, and the company will be in the next few years.The continued enhancement of semiconductor properties is already very clear.

Since mid-January, the company’s growth rate has nearly doubled. Its estimated growth is based on the attributes that have been clearly recognized in the “semiconductor mania” of this market. Based on this, we judge the company’s valuation in the next few years.The system has been difficult to return to the “traditional growth” framework of last 杭州桑拿网 year. It should be expected from the semiconductor substrate material. This size needs to be recognized.

  Growth and execution on time fulfilled the outstanding implementation force of Xinxing Sen: From 2012 to 2017, in the PCB industry, colleagues were expanding and accumulating. When taking the path of scale expansion, Xingsen chose another self-renovation PangnThe Road — Entering the brand-new field of IC carrier boards and semiconductor test boards below 40um, there were basically no mature market players at the time, and the involvement was a strong Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese manufacturer. The company achieved the direction of BT sheet materials through five years of dormancy.The breakthrough in the storage front-end field has obtained certifications from some Samsung and other international manufacturers, and in 2018 and 2019 respectively achieved an overall profit growth of 30%, 40%, and a quarterly increase in gross profit / net profit margin.

  In the difficult and closed field of semiconductors, “paying” and “getting” are actually difficult to equate with each other, and there are many large enterprises that eventually end up with nothing.

However, Xingsen’s hard work in the past seven years has yielded fruitful harvest seasons, and has been endorsed by large funds at the beginning of this year. The implementation of growth expectations and the implementation of important projects are important competitions that distinguish the company from companies in other industries.Advantage.

  The strengthening of management is still the fundamental guarantee for performance growth: in addition to the direction of semiconductors, the company also pointed out in the express bulletin that the increase in profits has benefited from: “U.S. ports, Yixing Silicon Valley, British exceptions and other subsidiaries’ operating conditions have further improved”, and “The effect of cost reduction and efficiency improvement measures implemented by the company is presented. ”

It is easy to see that the replacement and improvement of the management team of some subsidiaries promoted by the company in the past two years have gradually transformed the effect. In the future, the profit growth in these areas will become an incremental force for the subsequent years.

  Earnings forecast and rating: downgrade to overweight.

Since we first covered the company at the end of 2018, the company’s continuous growth has been nearly four times, and the growth in areas such as IC substrates and packaging and testing boards has gradually realized.It is clear that the semiconductor attributes of the company segmented in the first paragraph of this report are enhanced, but the market sentiment has been high in the most recent quarter. According to our research model, the net profit for 2019-2021 is expected to be 3 respectively.

03 billion, 4.

1.9 billion and 5.

7 billion, currently corresponding to PE 80.

20, 57.

94 and 42.

60 times, it can be seen that the current estimate is already high, and there is limited space to continue to overshoot in the short term, reducing the level to increase holdings.

[Can lotus seeds and chestnuts be eaten together?]

[Can lotus seeds and chestnuts be eaten together?]

Chestnuts contain a large amount of starch, so even if chestnuts are very delicious, everyone should not eat more, because eating more chestnuts can easily lead to constipation.

Presumably one of the most popular ways to eat chestnuts is sugar-fried chestnuts. However, when eating chestnuts, you should also pay attention to foods that are compatible with chestnuts. For example, crabs cannot be eaten with chestnuts.

Will the lotus seeds and chestnuts have a counteracting effect?

Can chestnut and lotus seeds be eaten together? Lotus seeds are a very common Chinese medicine, and of course they are also a very common food. In summer, the lotus seeds mature, and the fresh lotus seeds are tender and sweet, but the lotus seeds easily grow old, so they are often dried as a kindHealth herbs, many women will put some lotus seeds in when they porridge, which has a good health effect. In addition to lotus seeds, there are people who like to eat chestnuts in porridge, of course, the nutritional value is also very high, the chestnut and lotus seedsCan we eat together

Can you eat lotus seeds and chestnuts together?

You can eat chestnuts and lotus seeds together. Chestnuts are usually eaten as a snack, while lotus seeds are generally used as a traditional Chinese medicine. Lotus seeds and chestnuts can be eaten together without nutritional conflicts, so they can be eaten together. ChestnutsBoth lotus seeds and lotus seeds can be eaten in porridge, but maybe everyone eats more is lotus seeds and chestnuts plus pork loin into a medicated diet soup, which has the effects of kidney, solid essence and waist shape.It also has a conservation effect.

The method of making chestnut lotus seed pork loin soup is not difficult. The main ingredients to be prepared are chestnut 60 grams, lotus seeds 30 grams, pork loin amount and some ribs. After processing the pork loin, marinate it with raw flour and salt.After a while, wash chestnuts and lotus seeds, and stir-fry pork ribs with oil in a pan.

The pork loin does not need to be cooked for too long, so it can be put out later.

Put the pork ribs in the stew pan for 20 minutes, remember to add some ginger into it, then place the lotus seeds and chestnuts in the stew pan and cook for 20 minutes, finally put the pork loin in, and add salt for about 10 minutes to turn off the heat.Add pepper and chicken and simmer for a while.

A small reminder. The right amount of spare ribs are added here, and you can change to other foods. Pork bones are also a good choice.

It should be noted that many people buy chestnuts may be those that have been peeled. Although such chestnuts can also be eaten, of course, fresh chestnuts are better, and fresh raw chestnut peeling is also a big problem.It is easy to cook chestnuts in salt water and peel them while hot.

The benefits of eating raw lotus seeds nourish tonic and nourish the essence: Raffinose contained in lotus seeds is a tonic for young and old. It is also a commonly used nutritious product for those who have chronic illness, postpartum or elderly weaknessIt has the effect of suppressing sexual desire, and for young people who have more dreams, nocturnal emission or smoothing, taking lotus seeds has a good effect of nocturnal emission.

Lowering blood pressure: The non-crystalline alkaloid N-9 contained in lotus seeds can lower blood pressure.

Anti-cancer and anti-cancer: Lotus seeds are good at filling the five internal organs, and the blood of the twelve meridians can make the blood flow free and not rot.Cancer anti-cancer nutritional health function.

Strong heart and soothe the nerves: The alkaloids contained in the lotus seed core have a significant heart-strengthening effect, while the lotus core base has anti-calcium and antiarrhythmic effects.

Precautions for eating lotus seeds Lotus seeds are a precious pure natural high-level nutritional health food, known as “Lotus Ginseng”.

The lotus seed also has the effect of lowering blood pressure, and the alkaloids contained in the lotus seed core have a cardiotonic effect.

When eating, still pay attention to food matching, in order to bring out the effectiveness of lotus seeds.

1. Lianxin should not be taken with crabs and turtles, otherwise certain adverse reactions may occur. People with colds, constipation and hemorrhoids should not take it, and those with constipation and abdominal distension should be avoided.

2. Since ancient times, lotus seeds have been recognized as a delicious tonic for young and old.

There are many ways to eat it, which can be used to garnish vegetables, make ravioli, stew soup, make dim sum, and make pastries, etc. It can be paired with other medicinal foods.

3, the normal dry stool is difficult to resolve, or the abdomen is full of people who do not eat.

4, lotus seed skin is as thin as paper, peeling it takes time.

If you wash the lotus seeds first, then add boiling water, add an appropriate amount of old alkali, stir evenly for a while, then pour into the rice noodles, rub it vigorously, and immediately remove the lotus seed skin.

5. Fresh lotus seeds are more difficult to save. The more effective method is to freeze them in the refrigerator, but the storage time is not long. The better method is to dry the fresh lotus seeds first, so that the storage time can be longer.

Some dried lotus seeds on the market are added with sulfur treatment, mainly to prevent insects from smashing, but it is not good for human health.

[What sugar water to remove moisture-]_ add sugar water _ how to drink

[What sugar water to remove moisture?

】 _First sugar water_How to drink

If there is moisture in the body for a long time, it is easy to bury hidden dangers for the health of the body. Moisture is the source of all evils of human health. Therefore, if the moisture in the body is allowed to exist, it will have a great impact on the human spleen.Yes, over time will cause people to become too much, the whole person seems to have no spirit, removing moisture from the body is a matter of concern to everyone, so what sugar water to remove moisture?

What is the best ingredient to dehumidify? I believe many people know that it is indica rice. Indica rice and red beans are often cooked into sugar water, and then often drink it will have the effect of dehumidifying.

But today I want to talk about another kind of dehumidification artifact, that is, real fruit.

Zhishi, the name of traditional Chinese medicine.

芡 Euryale feroxSalisb for the waterlily plant.

Dry and mature kernels, commonly used for nocturnal emission and spermatozoa, frequent enuresis, spleen deficiency, chronic diarrhea, white turbidity, and carry-off.

“Materia Medica for Truth”: “How does Zhishi nourish the spleen because of its sweet taste; how Zhishi solidifies the kidney because of its astringent taste.

But its sweet and nourishing spleen can dampen diarrhea, and abdominal pain can be cured by diarrhea; but its astringent and solid kidney can close the air, leaving behind, belt, and urination.

Gong is similar to yam, but the yam’s yin has too much yam, and the yam’s astringency is quite similar to yam; and yam also supplements the lung yin, but the yam does not stop at the spleen and kidney but the lung.

“So what should I do to get the best dehumidification effect?”

1. First, lotus seed lotus root soup. First we can take a small portion of the lotus root lotus root, then soak it in water, then cut some ginger slices, buy some pork ribs, boil for about 1 hour on high fire, and then stew on low heat.

5 hours.

2, yam barley rice porridge We wash the barley and barley rice first, cook in the pot for half an hour, and then put the washed yam, and then 20 minutes.

3, Zhishi pork rib soup first we buy a ribs, cleaned first with hot water to remove some grease.

Then add all the ingredients of lotus seeds, coriander seeds, lilies, and jujube into the pot, and use the high heat to cook for about 1 hour.

What will happen when there is moisture in the body?

1, gastrointestinal discomfort, do not think about diet because the spleen has the characteristics of being dry and humid, so the first thing to suffer from spleen once the moisture enters the body is that the moisture invades the spleen of the human body, causing the spleen and stomach to lose harmony, appearing: loss of appetite, abdominal distensionDiarrhea, lack of stool, etc.

2, listless, heavy body should feel very sleepy when getting up, feel that there is something on the head and then wrapped, it makes people unable to beat the spirit, the body is heavy, lack of strength, the person is drowsy, causing distraction.

3, thick tongue coating, fat tongue, when you brush your teeth in the morning, you can look at your own tongue coating. Moist people with thick tongue coating, and it is very sticky, the tongue is fat, and there will be teeth marks on the tongue.

4, weight gain, cold and damp limbs into the body will lead to decreased spleen dirty function, congestion of meridians, leading to human metabolic disorders, human feces, garbage, water and moisture can not be successfully implanted outside the body, deposited inIn the body, it leads to weight gain and high blood pressure. However, at this time, the body is weak in yang, and although it is fat, it is particularly afraid of cold. It is also called puffiness.

Moisture is our health nemesis and the source or accomplice of most intractable diseases and chronic diseases.

Such as: rheumatoid joint disease, gastrointestinal disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, gynecological diseases, and even nausea tumors.

Therefore, if moisture is found, it must be conditioned in time.

So, how to deal with the wet evil and get rid of the wet evil?

1, diet conditioning must first change their unreasonable eating habits, diet should be regular, some, to ensure the body’s required nutritional supply.

Do not eat cold, spicy and greasy foods, and avoid alcohol.

At the same time, you can eat some dehumidifying foods to help dehumidification.

Such as: red bean barley soup red beans: flat, sweet, with blood and blood, spleen and dampness, water and swelling effect.

Coix seed: also known as barley, sweet and light, has the effects of water, spleen, and paralysis.

The soup is easy to operate. Friends who have moisture in the body can boil and drink it, and even it tastes good. It can also remove moisture and serve two purposes.

2. Appropriate exercise can promote perspiration, which is beneficial to the excretion of moisture. At the same time, exercise can also promote blood circulation and accelerate the body’s metabolism to help eliminate moisture.

3. Keep away from moisture and humidity environment, keep indoors dry, do not wear non-drying clothing, do not get rain, do not take cold showers, do not sit directly on the ground, you can stay away from moisture.