[Can ginger white vinegar and honey remove spots]_How to remove spots_How to remove spots

[Can ginger white vinegar and honey remove spots]_How to remove spots_How to remove spots

Many people usually use honey to lose weight, but everyone will find that in addition to honey, some people will add ginger and white vinegar to the honey. Ginger can increase calories and promote digestion and absorption in the body. White vinegar can promote blood circulation., And achieve the effect of stopping diarrhea and diarrhea, so it has the effect of freckle, promote blood circulation, weight loss.

Honey to lose weight (white vinegar plus honey) is not harmful to the body, and even brings you unexpected results.

White vinegar with honey can even lose weight and treat arthritis.

There are many recipes for treating arthritis. The recipe of vinegar and honey water is not only effective, but also has no side effects.

White vinegar is rich in potassium. In addition to reducing the pain caused by arthritis, it can also overcome the stiffness caused by calcium crystals in the joints, because acetic acid can decompose the hardened calcium crystals and alleviate joint hardening.

And honey is very rich in nutrition, containing 12 kinds of minerals, multi-vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, etc., not only can make joints soft and flexible, but also help your health.

The method is to drink a glass of water with two tablespoons of vinegar and two tablespoons of honey each morning, noon and night. After drinking for one month, the effect will appear.

It seems to use white vinegar, because black vinegar has a higher sodium content than white vinegar, which is seriously unfavorable for patients with hypertension or cardiovascular disease.

Honey weight loss (white vinegar plus honey) is a popular slimming secret nowadays, that is, whether you are overweight, underweight, or overweight, you can recover 100% of your figure.

Honey weight loss case one: people with the following characteristics: obese lower body, soft muscles, easy to sputum, edema, eat less and not thin, cold hands and feet.

The specific application of honey for weight loss (white vinegar plus honey): 1. Mix white vinegar and honey in a ratio of 1: 4, and drink one cup a day.

2. Take more baths or foot baths (soak your feet) at least three times a week to promote blood circulation and strengthen your metabolism.

3, must not go on a random diet or use improper weight loss methods, such as “Apple Therapy”, “Seven Days of Fasting”.

Because vaginal obese people need a way to lose weight and replenish their body to succeed.

[How to clean the black line of prawns]

[How to clean the black line of prawns]

I believe that friends who have processed prawns know that there is a black line on the back of the prawn. If it is not processed, it will affect the taste of the prawn, then we should pay attention to the method of cleaning the prawn black line.

The black line of the prawn is implanted in the lower body. We can open the head of the prawn and pull the black line out, or use a toothpick to pull the black line out. It is recommended that you can learn how to handle the black line of prawns.
The black line on the back of the shrimp is very dirty. Must be removed?

The shrimp line is not really clean, so it is generally recommended to remove it when handling shrimp.

But if you accidentally eat it, or if you are too lazy to deal with it, that’s fine.

Because after cooking, the bacteria in the shrimp line will be killed by high temperature, which is safe, but the taste (soily smell) and taste will be worse.

How to go to shrimp line?

Method 1: Use a toothpick to align the end of the shrimp from its head, count to the third quarter, and insert a toothpick at this position and gently pull it out, then pick it out!

Method 2: Use a knife to cut the shrimp along the center line of the shrimp, and then use the knife tip to pick out the black shrimp line.

The shrimp head is black, is the heavy metal exceeding the standard?

No problem with farmed shrimp.

The heavy metals in shrimp are mainly supplemented with water and feed. Generally speaking, the contents of viscera (shrimp head) and shrimp shell will be higher.

But think about if the water quality and feed are too poor, and shrimp can’t survive, then distance farming is guaranteed.

Some shrimp heads are black because the feed or tyrosinase produces some melanin, which has nothing to do with heavy metals.

Are there any parasites in the shrimp?

The safest to cook.

Some time ago, the Internet widely spread a video and graphics, saying that there are parasites in shrimp, and each one has.

In fact, the so-called white parasite is actually the vas deferens of shrimp, but there is a risk of parasites in aquatic products. The best way is to cook them.

Drunk shrimp and crab, although delicious, are actually a safety hazard.

[Anti-hangover tea]_Liver tea_How to drink_How to drink

銆 愯 В 閰 槓 姓 姓 尪 銆 慱 鎶 よ 倽 縵 禵 賵 囝 箞 锽 悡 悍 攍 甍 锽?
Insects are the best in the world, and they are the only ones who are in the world. They are all new to the world. They are very popular, and they are new and new.The productions are in the productions and the productions are inconspicuous and inconspicuous. They are intricate and intricate. They are intricate and intricate. They are intricate and inconvenient.What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about?1 銆 佽 捷 鍏  嫳 Gong?钂插叕鑻卞叏鑽夌殕鍙叆鑽紝鑽鍏肩敤锛屽叾鍛宠嫤銆佺敇锛屾€у瘨锛屽綊鑲濄€佽儍銆佽偩缁忥紝娓呯儹瑙f瘨锛屾暎缁撴秷鑲匡紝闄ゆ箍鍒╁翱锛屽挨鍏跺叿鏈変繚鑲濄€佹姢鑲濈殑鍔熸晥銆傚皢钂插叕鑻憋紙75What is the best way to do it? If you click the button, click on it?000 姣 傋 尋 夋 饭 湩 進 鍏 鍏  嫳 銆 Effectiveness of the papers, the papers are always the same, and you can’t do it, you can’t do it.呭噳鍚庡嵆鍙ギ鐢ㄣ€?2 銆 丹 铚 党 Cang conjue  尪 鍙  集 曊 瘯 鍦 ?  姏 雏 Yu 煚 妾  纴 駆 峽 峽 峃 峃 峃 峃 峃 峃 峃 峃 峃 峃 布紝鏈夊埄浜庤韩浣撴帓姣掋€傛瘡澶╁枬8~10鏉紝姣忔300姣崌鍗冲彲銆傝渹铚滀笉浠呬粎鏄コ澹滑鍏婚鐨勪匠鍝侊紝涔熸槸鐢峰+浠姢鑲濈殑鑹嵂銆傛煚妾敤姘存墦婀匡紝琛ㄩ潰鎶逛笂涓€灞傞鐩愶紝杞昏交鎽╂摝鐗囧埢锛岀敤姘村啿娲楀共鍑€锛屽苟鍒囧幓鏌犳涓ゅご銆傛煚妾垏鎴愪袱鍗婏紝鍐嶅垏鎴愯杽鐗囷紝浠ヤ竴灞傛煚妾紝涓€灞傝渹铚滅殑鏂瑰紡鏀惧叆骞插噣鐨勭幓鐠冪摱鎴栬€呮槸瀵嗗皝鐡朵腑銆傛嫥绱х摱鐩栵紝Are you afraid to play drift-7澶╁嵆鍙啿璋冦€傦紙鏃╀笂鎴栬€呮槸涓嬪崍3-4鐐圭毊鑲ょ己姘存椂楗敤鏁堟灉鏈€濂斤級 3銆佷Xi Juan Xiong Gong Gong?涓変竷鑺辩敤寮€姘存场楗紝鎴栧悓鑼朵竴璧锋场楗紝姣忔4-6鏈碉紝鍏跺叿鏈変繚鑲濇槑鐩€侀檷琛€鍘嬨€侀檷琛€鑴傘€佺敓娲ユ娓村拰鎻愮琛ユ皵涔嬪姛鏁堛€傛瘡澶╀竴鏉笁涓冭姳鑼讹紝涓嶄粎淇濊倽锛岃繕鍙不鐤楅珮琛€鍘嬨€佽€抽福銆佸捊鍠夌値绛夊绉嶇柧鐥呫€傜敤涓変竷鑺?5鍏嬶紝妗戝彾12鍏嬶紝娌告按鍐叉场锛屼唬鑼堕ギ鐢ㄣ€備篃鍙按鐓庢湇锛屾瘡鏃?娆°€傛湁骞宠倽娉荤伀涔嬪姛鏁堛€?銆 佪 氪 呹 玤 Dandelion, Luan, Dan, Luan, Jiu, Qiang, Qiang, Gong, Gong, Drums, Songs, Songs, Songs, Songs, Songs, Songs, Songs, Songs, Songs, Songs, Songs, Songs, and Songs佺7銆侀搧绛夊绉嶇熆鐗╄川鎴愬垎锛岀粡甯搁€傞噺楗敤鍏锋湁淇冭繘琛€娑插惊鐜笌鏂伴檲浠h阿銆侀闃茶倽鍐呰剛鑲殑鍥ょН銆佹粙琛ヨ倽鑲俱€佺枏椋庢槑鐩瓑鍔熸晥锛屼害鏄竴閬撳吇鑲濇姢鑲濈殑鐞嗘兂楗搧銆傝強鑺遍€傞噺銆佹灨鏉炲瓙10鍏嬨€佷箤榫欒尪閫傞噺锛屽紑姘村啿娉★紝鍔犵洊绋嶆场鐗囧埢鍚庡嵆鍙ギ鐢ㄣ€?銆 佸 お 瀛 弬 徬 擶 ф 痒 頄 堢 Gong Gong?绾㈡灒涓鸿ˉ鍏讳匠鍝侊紝椋熺枟鑽喅涓父鍔犲叆绾㈡灒琛ュ吇韬綋锛屾粙娑︽皵琛€銆傝€屽お瀛愬弬鍛崇敇銆佸井鑻﹁€屾€у钩锛屽亸寰瘨锛屾棦鑳界泭姘旓紝鍙堝彲鍏婚槾鐢熸触锛屼笖鑽姏骞冲拰锛屼负涓€鍛虫竻琛ヤ箣鍝侊紝閫傜敤浜庤劸鑲轰簭铏氥€佹皵闃翠笉瓒炽€佹皵娲ヤ笉瓒宠鐥囥€傚お瀛愬弬瀵规穻宸寸粏鑳炴湁鏄庢樉鐨勫埡婵€浣滅敤銆傚お瀛愬弬15鍏嬶紝澶ф灒5鏋氾紝闄堢毊3鍏嬨€傚皢澶瓙鍙傘€佸ぇ鏋f礂鍑€锛岃繛鍚岄檲鐨叡鍚屾斁杩涚爞閿呭唴锛屽姞閫傞噺姘寸厧姹わ紝鍘绘福鍙栨眮銆備唬鑼讹紝棰戦楗敤锛屽彲杩炴帴鍐叉场3-5娆★紝鏈夌悊姘斿拰鑳冪殑鍔熸晥銆?

[Boiling or cold water for steaming crabs]_How to steam_Production tips

鍦ㄨ捀铻冭煿鐨勬椂鍊欓渶瑕佹敞鎰忓嚑涓繃绋嬶紝棣栧厛鏄敤鍐锋按鍏堟斁鍦ㄩ攨搴曪紝鏈€鍚庢妸澶ч椄锜逛篃鏀惧湪閿呬腑锛屼竴璧疯捀15鍒?0鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛屽洜涓洪殢鐫€钂告苯鎱㈡參鐨勫嚭鐜帮紝姘寸殑娓╁害浼氬彉鐑紝涓嶈鐩存帴鎶婂ぇ闂歌煿鏀惧湪鐑按閲岋紝鍚﹀垯寰堥毦鎺у埗澶ч椄锜癸紝杩樹細鍑虹幇涔卞姩鐨勭幇璞°€備竴銆佽捀铻冭煿鏄What are you talking about?浜屻€佽瀮锜瑰摢浜涢儴浣嶄笉鑳藉悆涓夈€佸摢浜涗汉涓嶈兘鍚冭瀮锜硅捀铻冭煿鏄喎姘磋繕鏄儹姘?Do you want to read it? Do you want to read it? Please read it?鎶婂ぇ闂歌煿鏀惧湪钂哥,涓€璧风叜,15-20鍒嗛挓灏卞ソ銆傚洜涓鸿捀澶ч椄锜?鍐 锋 Press 鎱 ㈡ ginseng 銷 犵 儹 浼 Hydrogen Do you have a chance to take advantage of it?鈙 Everyone is going to kill each other!Chen Pang, Xuan Xun, sorrowful: What is the best way to get around?閮藉簲璇ユ槸绛夎捀閿呯儳寮€浠ュ悗,鍐嶆斁鍏ヨ瀮锜规垨楸?What’s the difference between the gallium and the gallium?鏃繚鎸佽倝璐ㄧ殑椴滃鍙堝噺灏戜簡钀ュ吇鎹熷け銆傝捀鐓瀮锜规椂,涓€瀹氳鍑夋按涓嬮攨,杩欐牱锜硅吙鎵嶄笉鏄撹劚钀姐€傞鐢ㄧ殑铻冭煿涓€瀹氳钂哥啛鐓€忋€傜敱浜庤瀮锜规槸鍦ㄦ筏娉ヤ腑鐢熼暱鐨?浣撳唴寰€寰€甯︽湁涓€浜涙瘨绱?涓洪槻姝㈣繖浜涜嚧鐥呭井鐢熺墿渚靛叆浜轰綋,鍦ㄩ鐢ㄨ瀮锜规椂涓€瀹氳钂哥啛鐓€忋€傛牴鎹瀮锜瑰ぇ灏?姘寸儳寮€鍚庡啀钂哥叜8-10鍒嗛挓涓哄疁,鑲夊凡鎴愮啛鍗翠笉浼氳繃鐑傘€傝繖鏃剁殑铻冭煿鑲夋渶椴滃銆佸懗缇庛€傛椂闂寸煭浜嗚捀涓嶇啛,鏃堕棿闀夸簡锜硅倝鑰佷簡涓嶅ソ鍚冦€?You have a bad shoulder, you have a shoulder, you have it, you have it, you have it, you have to write it, you have to do it, and your father will have it.殑娲昏瀮锜规斁鍦ㄩ攨閲岃捀鍒躲€傜瓑钂搁攨鐑у紑鍚庡啀灏嗚瀮锜规斁鍏?What’s the trick?鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸,鍐嶆敼鐢ㄥ皬鐏户缁捀涓€娈垫椂闂?癬 鍞 擞 擿 擿 邏 炋 綂 璂 璂 璂 璂 璂 呂 呰 囜 铭 铜 铜 閶 擶 尶 у 皬 : 3 trickle to each other and do not have the fault to do it.10., 3 technetium?約 ら 樄 勭 勭 缁  捀 12 鍒 嗛 桓 幸 ﹀ 彸, 4 tricks to each other to draw each other?5鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸銆傞€氬父鏄綋閲嶆瘡澧炲姞1涓?Brother Brothers fell into trouble? ?鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸銆傚垏鍧楃殑铻冭煿钂稿涔呭仛钁辨补锜圭瓑鑿滆偞鏃跺垯闇€瑕佸厛灏嗚瀮锜瑰垏鎴愬皬鍧?鐒跺悗鍐嶅叆閿呰捀鐔熴€傚垏鍧楃殑铻冭煿涔熸槸闇€瑕佸紑姘村叆閿呯殑,涔熸槸鍏堝ぇ鐏捀涓?鍒嗛挓,鍐嶆敼鐢ㄥ皬鐏捀10鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸灏卞彲浠ヤ簡銆傛€讳箣,鏃犺鏄暣鍙殑铻冭煿杩樻槸鍒囧潡銄 勮 瀮 甜?The villages in the villages are very busy, and the picks are inconspicuous. They are inconsistent. 15 are in the air, 15 are in the air, and 15 are in the air. They are in the air. 15 in the air.熻櫕鎴栬嚧鐥呭井鐢熺墿瀹屽叏鏉€姝?鑰屼笖杩欎釜鏃堕棿涔熶笉浼氬鑷磋煿鑲夊彉鑰併€傝ˉ鍏呰鏄?What is the best way to get around?閮藉簲璇ユ槸绛夎捀閿呯儳寮€浠ュ悗,鍐嶆斁鍏ヨ瀮锜规垨楸?What’s the difference between the gallium and the gallium?What are you talking about? You are so sorrowful?銆 佽 鍀 铻 六 兄 妬 妧 宸 宸 宸 宸 馏?Ling Luan’s rules and regulations?”Kun Hao, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow.”The key words are as follows: the manuscripts are laid out in the Chuanxuan Village, and the forging and twitching are carried out in the field, and the whole field is in full swing.What’s going on? What’s going on?铻冭煿鑵垮懆鍥撮兘鍒峰共鍑€,杩欐牱鍚冭捣鏉ユ洿鍗敓涓€浜涖€

Shiji Information (002153) Company Performance Express Review Comments: Performance Express Meets Expectations Platformization, Significant Progress in Internationalization

Shiji Information (002153) Company Performance Express Review Comments: Performance Express Meets Expectations Platformization, Significant Progress in Internationalization
Event: On the evening of February 27, the company released the 2018 performance report. The report stated that the company achieved a total operating income of 30.31 ppm, an increase of 2 over the same period last year.38%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies4.35 ppm, an increase of 3 over the same period last year.71%. Investment advice: The company’s performance is in line with expectations and is at the bottom of the notice.In 2018, the company accelerated its transformation from a software supplier to the entire large consumer sector, with big data-driven application service platform operators, and made significant progress in platformization and internationalization.The growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers is 1 percentage point higher than the growth rate of operating income, and the operating efficiency has steadily improved.As a leading company in the large consumer field, the company has a clear industry pattern in the hotel sector. Cloud-based products have also been shortlisted for the international hotel group supplier list. In the retail sector, they have launched in-depth cooperation with Ali to lend Ali’s strongCapabilities, coupled with Shiji’s deep-seated informatization technology and resource accumulation for many years, among which Qiangqiangqiu tries to lead the new retail outlet in the future, and its future development is worth looking forward to.We predict that the company will achieve revenue of 30 in 2018-2020.3.2 billion, 34.00 ppm, 38.7.7 billion, achieving net profit4.3.5 billion, 6.1.9 billion and 7.9.3 billion yuan, EPS is 0.41 yuan, 0.58 yuan and 0.74 yuan, with reference to the closing price of 31 on February 27.99 yuan, corresponding to PE is 79 times, 55 times and 43 times, respectively, giving a highly recommended grade. Cloud-based products have achieved another breakthrough in the internationally renowned hotel group: According to the company’s official website on February 11th, Hyatt Hotel Group officially selected Infrasys Cloud, which Shiji belongs to, to manage numerous hotel restaurants and catering stores, which means that the company ‘sCloud POS products have officially entered the Hyatt Global Purchasing System.The entry of Hyatt’s global procurement system means that Shijiyun’s POS products have made another breakthrough in the world’s top hotels.At present, InfrasysCloud, the cloud-based POS product, has taken the lead in gaining recognition and adoption from top hotel major customers. In May 2018, Shiji’s cloud POS products achieved major customer breakthroughs for the first time and entered the InterContinental Hotel’s global procurement system.It is reported that Hyatt Hotel Airport uses the version of an overseas manufacturer. This shortlist of global cloud POS also increasingly shows that Shiji’s cloud POS has gained good product competitiveness and has been gradually recognized by major customers of the group.In the field of cloud POS, it has realized the replacement of overseas competition. Platformization and internationalization strategy continue to advance: In terms of platformization, business development is in a good shape. Through the continuous play of the company’s retail business sector synergy, the company’s payment platform traffic has maintained rapid growth, and the Changlian booking platform technology has further improved, and transaction traffic has achieved healthy growth.In terms of internationalization, in addition to cloud POS being favored by overseas customers, the company has also established new subsidiaries in India, Japan, Dubai, Macau, Thailand and other places, and strives to expand the company’s high-end hotel information system business to overseas markets and provide services to global customersIn terms of international investment, the company continued to focus on the hotel business. In 2018, it wholly acquired StayNTouch, Inc., a mobile hotel information system provider., Hotel big data analysis service provider Snapshot GmbH, golf and spa management solution provider CONCEPTEK-SISTEMAS DE INFORMAOS.One. Full cooperation with Ali in the field of large consumption: In the field of hotels, the two sides first conducted in-depth cooperation. As a provider of direct connection technology, Shiji linked the hotel information management 南京桑拿网 system with Ali’s travel management system, including the hotel system directly.The four areas of credit, product development of credit and living, connection of member service platform, and payment of bills by scanning code are convenient for Shiji Information’s hotel customers to better develop e-commerce business.In the field of catering, Shiji has opened the interface between the existing catering software and Alibaba related platforms, and successfully opened social restaurant and hotel group users from meal reservations, pre-orders, table scanning, ordering, electronic bill push,The closed-loop O2O business of online payment, takeaway and member registration, membership points, consumer voucher management, and electronic ticketing functions has improved restaurant marketing capabilities and reduced restaurant operating 杭州桑拿 costs.In the field of retail and payment business, the company has also conducted extensive direct cooperation with related platforms of Ali.The retail sector is still further integrating large-scale retail subsidiaries. The Shiji Retail Committee has been established. The specific cooperation with Ali’s new retail business includes cooperation on Hema Xiansheng, Taoxianda, and smart stores. Risk reminder: The development of new technology in the industry will gradually lead to technical risks; market and policy risks of the company’s traditional business relying on the development of the hotel industry; business management risks brought by the expansion of company assets and business scale; overseas investment risks; and progress in cooperation with Internet companies is uncertainSexual risk.

Wasion Information: Multi-level Expansion of Domestic IoT Intelligent Dashboard Advantage Supplier Business

Wasion Information: Multi-level Expansion of Domestic IoT Intelligent Dashboard Advantage Supplier Business

Key points of investment: The company is a leading domestic supplier of smart meters for the Internet of Things. The actual controller controls 74% of the company’s equity.

The company is a leading domestic IoT smart meter and IoT utility solution provider. It expands to water, gas, fire protection and other fields based on electric power smart meters. Its products completely replace the IoT perception layer, network layer and application layer, and downstreamCustomers mainly include well-known domestic enterprises such as State Grid and China Southern Power Grid.

Among the company’s existing businesses, the communication gateway business and the electric detection terminal accounted for 46% / 18% respectively.

The actual controller, Ji Wei, is composed of relatives who act in concert, and controls 74% of the company’s equity.

The company is in a stage of steady and rapid growth, and the gross profit margin is slightly delayed beyond stability.

The company benefited from the advancement of the Internet of Things in public utilities, and its main business continued to grow steadily, achieving revenue in 2016/2017/20186.



390 thousand yuan, CAGR23.

6%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.



7.7 billion, CAGR 48%.

In 2018, due to changes in the demand structure of the downstream power industry, the company’s relevant winning bids decreased, resulting in improved revenue and profit growth.

We believe that the Internet of Things for electricity, coal, water and other meters is a long-term trend, and the company’s business is generally in the channel of demand expansion.

The company’s consolidated gross profit margin for 2016/2017/2018 was 27.

35% / 35.

61% / 32.

68%. After experiencing the product expansion period and production optimization period, the gross profit margin has increased to a certain extent. However, due to the original growth of communication module products, the gross profit margin declined slightly in 2018. But overall, the company ‘s comprehensive gross profit margin is comparableThere are no significant differences between companies.

The company has rich experience in multiple core areas of IoT applications, and multiple fund-raising projects have contributed to the overall technological innovation of IoT.

As one of the earliest professional engineers and smart utilities manufacturers in the country, the company has independently developed multiple core technologies in the fields of communications, sensing, embedded systems, edge computing, etc., covering all levels of the Internet of Things.

At present, the company is researching and developing 16 industry-leading technologies around its main business, and the total estimated expenditure is about 1.

500 million.

In the past three years, the company’s core technology product revenue accounted for more than 98% of its operating revenue.

The company intends to raise funds for the science and technology board for the expansion of the IoT sensing layer equipment and technical transformation projects (total 1.

23 ppm), IoT network layer equipment expansion and technological transformation project (2.

500,000 yuan), comprehensive research and development center project of the Internet of Things (1.

4.7 billion yuan) to provide financial support while supplementing working capital (1.

300 million), for the company to achieve higher capacity expansion and technological innovation in the Internet of Things industry.

The company chooses a listing 西安耍耍网 standard with an estimated market value of not less than RMB 100,000 and a net profit of positive in the past two years and gradually not less than 5,000 million US dollars. We think it is appropriate to use a comparable company PE estimation method.

We believe that the company’s public utility Internet of Things technology and model has been fully matured, and its business has achieved high penetration in the downstream power market.The stages are close, and the PE estimation method of comparable companies should be used for estimation.

Risk reminder: high customer concentration, hindering expansion of downstream companies

Private equity bearish index heavy structure next year

Private equity bearish index heavy structure next year

Source: Shanghai Securities News Author: Majia Yue although private equity is not high expectations for the performance of the market index value next year, but is still very active in the operation, and strive to grasp the structural market.

Obviously, in the face of this year’s eye-catching technology stocks, private equity re-introduction of subsequent investment opportunities began to diverge.

  The position index of 10 billion private equity funds continues to pick up. It is understood that most private equity funds are still relatively active in operation.

Private placement ranking data show that the 10 billion private placement index continues to rise.

As of December 13, the latest 10 billion private equity position index has reached an 80% high, which is a new high since September this year, which is 80.


In addition, from the perspective of position distribution, more than 80% of the 60 billion-level private placements.

  A Shanghai private equity fund disclosed: “At present, the company’s private equity positions are around 80%, which is more positive than in early December.

He believes that the current A-shares are at the bottom of expectations, and the technical surface has undergone more than sufficient shock adjustments. Coupled with the recovery of the PMI index and social financial data in November, the possibility of the market building a spring market, and dealing with some representative stocksAnd the industry will make good gains.

  Jiang Hui, the head of Xingshi Investment, said that the idea of “leading the revival bull market in brewing technology category” put forward earlier this year has been verified by the market.

Looking forward to 2020, Jiang Hui maintains the original judgment and is relatively unanimous and optimistic that the long-term bull market for growth stocks is coming.

  Reducing the expectations of the broader market index in the face of continued shocks, private equity believes that A shares have already entered the stage of light index and heavy structure. Selecting industries and individual stocks will be the main direction of operation next year.

  ”3000 points is just an ordinary point, up and down are normal, and there 杭州桑拿网 is limited room for change in the Shanghai Composite Index next year.

Don’t keep thinking about the beautiful things of low absorption and high selling, it is very difficult for investors to make a difference.

“Zhang Xiaohua, Research Director of Mingyu Assets, is more cautious about the market in 2020. He believes that the high probability is that the shock or the shock will be upward, and the index increase may be weaker than 2019. We should continue to study the fundamentals of the industry and individual stocks to seize structural opportunities.

  Regarding structural opportunities, Zhang Xiaohua believes that consumer stocks that incorporate defensive and growth attributes will continue to be the first choice for private placements and become the key allocation target.

In addition, undervalued blue chips such as banks, insurance, etc., adjusted restructuring industries, and active state-owned enterprise reform concept stocks in the later period have attracted the attention of private equity.

  Jinyu Capital said that it currently maintains high positions, mainly in the Internet, software, and service consumption areas.

  Pure compliance also believes that the current attractions have overlapping rotations, lack of opportunities, and do not have to chase excessively high. For relatively relatively low-end banks, real estate and other high-performing stagnation sectors, as well as low-end varieties in the automotive and media sectors can be appropriately configured.

  Technology stock market divergence has experienced a year of growth, and many technology stocks have previously doubled.

For investors, should it be profitable to leave or increase their positions?

  At present, the private equity market is fragmented.

The optimists believe that this year is at the timing of the transition from 4G to 5G. The 5G industry upgrade will put the entire consumer electronics industry chain in a long-term boom cycle. The performance of technology stocks of related components, semiconductors and communications equipment will still be on the upward channel.Annual results are expected to continue to grow.

  Most pessimistic views believe that in the short to medium term, the overall increase in technology stocks this year is too large, which is likely to deviate from the fundamentals. The overall opportunity for the sector is not large, and it needs to be further digested and replaced.

  The Chief Investment Research Department of the Aviation Industry said that the current leading companies in the electronic sector are about 30 times the PE of 2020, and the current price-performance ratio is not high.

[Don’t dare to admit these benefits of women cheating]

[Don’t dare to admit these benefits of women cheating]

Now, due to the progress of society, people’s minds have also been opened up, and gradually many problems will appear. Everyone’s opinions on people’s affair and derailment are mixed, so everyone has a derailment on women.What’s your opinion?
Today we will go through the female psychology to understand several characteristics of women and their benefits.
> Do women steal a lover? Indeed, women also need lovers in their lives.
Only lovers can make women understand what love is.
A lover can make a faint rainbow in the lives of women; therefore, we can see that a woman with a lover is the most beautiful and a woman with a lover is the most beautiful.
Lovers can make women’s bland lives extraordinary.
A lover has all the advantages that a husband does not have.
A lover is a glass of red wine. Even if he fascinates a woman, it is good for the woman’s health and can make a woman more charming.
If a woman does not have a lover in her life, or there is no lover in the center of her life, then her emotions are incomplete and she is not a complete woman.
So, where does the lover come from?
Did he fall from the sky?
It needs mutual fate, you need to find and steal by yourself.
Stealing a lover is like a popular election, not any woman can find a lover, nor is any woman capable, attractive, courageous, and able to find a lover if she has a desire. A lover is harder to find than a husband.
The woman who can find a lover must be an excellent woman, and must be the best among women.
The first lover is not just a change of mind. This is a common psychology of human beings and a phenomenon that is very common in social life. Whether male or female, they have a volatile nature.
If you put aside the constraints of morality, reputation, and ethics, every woman will subconsciously feel that she needs a lover. From a human or physiological perspective, women do need a lover.
并以此作为炫 耀资本的时候,女人受所谓“妇道”的束缚,“红杏出The “wall” thoughts and behaviors make women ashamed to open their teeth, and women will even endure conscience and physical torture for occasional spiritual or physical derailment. Is this fair?
In the ordinary life, they live a dull and boring life. Women will inevitably want to find a lover to solve their own problems. What else can make a woman who is tired of chai oil and salt think of herself as a princess in a fairy tale again?
Lovers can make women feel like they are living in love all the time, and lovers won’t let women wash the dishes every day.
The lover will always say, “Baby ,?
What to eat?
Are you hungry?
And the husband, always holding a cigarette in his mouth after work, resting his sweaty feet on the coffee table, lazily turning over the newspaper and watching TV, roaring from time to time: “Good meal?
I’m hungry!

”当女人想对丈夫诉一诉苦闷时候,丈夫会毫不犹豫地说:“去跳楼呀”,而情人却担心地说:“亲爱的,一 切都会好的,别做傻事哦,说吧”What can I help?” When pulling her husband on a full moon night to admire the moon, the husband would impatiently say, “What can I see in the moon, nerves!
“At this time, the lover sent a message:” Baby, the moonlight is like water tonight, miss you . “When the woman bought a bouquet of roses on the wedding anniversary and tried her best to prepare a candlelight evening, the husband wouldEyes widened: “What do you spend this money for?
My husband and wife are all married, and I know how to spend money all day!
“No matter how much the woman spends looking forward to giving her husband a surprise, the rebate is a gray nose; and the lover, for the gift the woman gave him, the lover will be overjoyed when seeing it, and will always say:” Baby, you are so good!”Send a fragrant kiss and a warm hug.
The lover will accompany you to the street for a day, watching a variety of goods, the lover will keep saying, “Baby, this dress is so beautiful, did you wear it?
It must look good. Try it?
“Baby, this bag matches your black dress. Buy it?”
But your husband doesn’t have to be with you, even if barely?
When shopping with you, you are always absent-minded. When you stop in front of high-end clothing, he will go away for excuses: “I go outside to smoke!
“; When you try on a beautiful fashion and invite him to be a staff officer, he will say,”?
Do you have so many clothes in your cabinet?”The lover will always respect the feeling of the woman and satisfy the vanity of the woman.

When the woman finished washing and put on her sexy underwear and sent a loving message to her husband with tenderness, her husband frowned and said, “I’m tired, I can’t secrete the male hormones for you, and I want to sleep.

“At this moment, the lover praised the woman suddenly and ceaselessly, and then she was kind to the woman, and kept asking the woman’s feelings:” Will you?

Do you feel OK?

“A lover is always the best listener to a woman, and a lover is always a woman’s conscience.

In the face of your troubles, the lover will not bother you, and will not scold you for eating all day long. He will only blame you, and he will comfort you softly . Fortunately, for modern women,The era of crying and shouting to marry is over. The proper economic growth and education of women have increased, and their desire for independence and self-actualization has been continuously strengthened?

, “A thousand flowers in the bush, leaves do not stick to the body” is no longer a patent used by men.

Faced with the anger of men and the disdain of women, we have to say once again: Why would a woman steal a lover?

Women treat themselves well and be a thief!

Go steal a lover!


[Baby food for more than 5 months]_Baby_Species

[Baby food for more than 5 months]_Baby_Species

Five-month-old babies have just been eating complementary foods, so nutritional issues should be considered for their complementary foods, and some babies may be picky when they are just eating complementary foods. They do n’t like them very much, but Baoma must let theirEat some to make your baby suitable for future life, and when adding complementary foods, you can also add some fruits and vegetables, so what are the complementary foods suitable for babies more than five months old?

Add complementary foods in order to choose easy to digest1.

Supplementary food supplement principle (1) from small to large, such as egg yolk from 1/4, if there are no adverse reactions to 2-3 days to 1/3?
1/2, gradually eating one.

2) From thin to thick, drink rice soup for about 10 days-drink soft rice for about 10 days.

(3) From fine to coarse, vegetable water-vegetable puree-broken vegetables.

(4) Get used to one plus the other.

(5) It is added when the child is healthy and the digestive function is normal, the reaction is suspended for two days, and the health is resumed.


Supplementary food order: 4–5 months: egg yolk, gruel, soy milk substitute, vegetable puree, carrot, fruit puree, broth.

6-8 months: custard, tofu, liver puree, fish puree, lean meat, thick porridge, rotten noodles, biscuits, chopped vegetables, crushed fruitsFor supplementary foods, it is best to use light and vitamin-rich foods and fiber-containing foods. Juices and soups should be the main foods. The baby should eat regularly and eat less.

Glutinous rice longan raw material: 1 cup of glutinous rice (about 50 grams).

Longan meat content, 1000 ml of water, sugar content, 2 tablespoons of rice wine.

Production method: 1.

Wash the glutinous rice without impurities; 2.

Add glutinous rice to 1000 ml of water and cook in a pot for about 5 minutes; 3.

Add longan into the pot and continue cooking until fully cooked. 40 Add sugar and some rice wine to the pot and open the pot. Replace it when the temperature is appropriate.

Features: When cooking glutinous rice, fresh water must be added, and the glutinous rice must be thoroughly cooked and rotten, which is good for babies.

It has a therapeutic effect on infant anemia.

Ingredients for mashed potatoes: 50 grams of potatoes (or sweet potatoes, pumpkin), similar to white sugar and salt.

Production method: 1.

Wash and steam the potatoes, peel them and press them into mud, or stir-fry with some vegetable oil; 2.

Add a little sugar or salt when feeding.

Features: A small amount of carbohydrates such as sugars. After 5 months, the baby’s activity increases.

Consumption increases, so additional supplies are required, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and coriander

[Does eel aphrodisiac]_Effect_Efficacy

[Does eel aphrodisiac]_Effect_Efficacy

Although eel is not a common fish in our lives, it is still easy to eat in some places.

Many people know that eel fish has high nutritional value, and it can supplement us with vitamins and “brain gold” DHA. It can be said that the nutritional value of other eels is not inferior.

Then, some friends will ask: Is eel aphrodisiac?

Let’s take a closer look!

Obviously, the content of vitamin A and vitamin E is 60 times and 9 times that of ordinary fish, respectively.

Vitamin A is 100 times that of beef and 300 times that of pork.

Rich vitamin A and vitamin E are very harmful to prevent vision deterioration, protect liver and restore blood sugar.

Other vitamins such as vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 are also very rich.

Eels are also rich in “good” aunts.

The phospholipids contained therein are nutrients that brain cells cannot metabolize.

In addition, eel fish also contains DHA and EPA (deep-sea fish oil component, DHA is docosahexaenoic acid, EPA is eicosapentaenoic acid), which is called “brain gold”.High, while DHA and EPA have been shown to play important roles in preventing cardiovascular disease.

In addition, eels also contain a lot of calcium, which is also effective in preventing osteoporosis.

What most impresses women is that the skin and meat of eel are rich in collagen, which can beautify the skin and delay aging, so it is called “edible cosmetics”.

The only obvious shortcoming of eel in nutrition is that it contains almost no vitamin C. When eating eel, it should be complemented with some vegetables.

Eel has the effects of nourishing blood and nourishing blood, removing dampness, and anti-embolism. It is a good nutrition for patients with chronic diseases, weakness, anemia, and tuberculosis.

The eel contains a very rare Xihe Rock protein, which has a good effect of strengthening the kidney and strengthening kidneys. It is a health food for young couples and middle-aged and elderly people.

Eel is a calcium-calcium aquatic product. If eaten regularly, it can increase the blood calcium value and strengthen the body.

The eel liver is rich in vitamin A and is an excellent food for night blind people.

The nutritional value of eels is not inferior to that of other fish and meat.

Eel meat is rich in high-quality protein and various essential amino acids.

The eel’s spine has almost everything needed for a calcium source, and is almost revered by emerging scientists. It is recognized as an “ideal natural biological calcium source” and a “natural supplier of human calcium.”

The bone calcium and phosphorus ratio of the eel’s spine is close to 2: 1, which is in natural agreement with breast milk.

The eel calcium is a health food made from eel bone powder, low concentration, vitamin D, and milk powder as main raw materials. It has the health function of calcium supplement.

Eel calcium is natural biological calcium, safe and easy to absorb.

Specially added isomalt has a low melting point, which has an excellent strengthening effect on the beneficial bacteria Bifidobacterium inside the human body, which can regulate gastrointestinal function.