[Don’t dare to admit these benefits of women cheating]

[Don’t dare to admit these benefits of women cheating]

Now, due to the progress of society, people’s minds have also been opened up, and gradually many problems will appear. Everyone’s opinions on people’s affair and derailment are mixed, so everyone has a derailment on women.What’s your opinion?
Today we will go through the female psychology to understand several characteristics of women and their benefits.
> Do women steal a lover? Indeed, women also need lovers in their lives.
Only lovers can make women understand what love is.
A lover can make a faint rainbow in the lives of women; therefore, we can see that a woman with a lover is the most beautiful and a woman with a lover is the most beautiful.
Lovers can make women’s bland lives extraordinary.
A lover has all the advantages that a husband does not have.
A lover is a glass of red wine. Even if he fascinates a woman, it is good for the woman’s health and can make a woman more charming.
If a woman does not have a lover in her life, or there is no lover in the center of her life, then her emotions are incomplete and she is not a complete woman.
So, where does the lover come from?
Did he fall from the sky?
It needs mutual fate, you need to find and steal by yourself.
Stealing a lover is like a popular election, not any woman can find a lover, nor is any woman capable, attractive, courageous, and able to find a lover if she has a desire. A lover is harder to find than a husband.
The woman who can find a lover must be an excellent woman, and must be the best among women.
The first lover is not just a change of mind. This is a common psychology of human beings and a phenomenon that is very common in social life. Whether male or female, they have a volatile nature.
If you put aside the constraints of morality, reputation, and ethics, every woman will subconsciously feel that she needs a lover. From a human or physiological perspective, women do need a lover.
并以此作为炫 耀资本的时候,女人受所谓“妇道”的束缚,“红杏出The “wall” thoughts and behaviors make women ashamed to open their teeth, and women will even endure conscience and physical torture for occasional spiritual or physical derailment. Is this fair?
In the ordinary life, they live a dull and boring life. Women will inevitably want to find a lover to solve their own problems. What else can make a woman who is tired of chai oil and salt think of herself as a princess in a fairy tale again?
Lovers can make women feel like they are living in love all the time, and lovers won’t let women wash the dishes every day.
The lover will always say, “Baby ,?
What to eat?
Are you hungry?
And the husband, always holding a cigarette in his mouth after work, resting his sweaty feet on the coffee table, lazily turning over the newspaper and watching TV, roaring from time to time: “Good meal?
I’m hungry!

”当女人想对丈夫诉一诉苦闷时候,丈夫会毫不犹豫地说:“去跳楼呀”,而情人却担心地说:“亲爱的,一 切都会好的,别做傻事哦,说吧”What can I help?” When pulling her husband on a full moon night to admire the moon, the husband would impatiently say, “What can I see in the moon, nerves!
“At this time, the lover sent a message:” Baby, the moonlight is like water tonight, miss you . “When the woman bought a bouquet of roses on the wedding anniversary and tried her best to prepare a candlelight evening, the husband wouldEyes widened: “What do you spend this money for?
My husband and wife are all married, and I know how to spend money all day!
“No matter how much the woman spends looking forward to giving her husband a surprise, the rebate is a gray nose; and the lover, for the gift the woman gave him, the lover will be overjoyed when seeing it, and will always say:” Baby, you are so good!”Send a fragrant kiss and a warm hug.
The lover will accompany you to the street for a day, watching a variety of goods, the lover will keep saying, “Baby, this dress is so beautiful, did you wear it?
It must look good. Try it?
“Baby, this bag matches your black dress. Buy it?”
But your husband doesn’t have to be with you, even if barely?
When shopping with you, you are always absent-minded. When you stop in front of high-end clothing, he will go away for excuses: “I go outside to smoke!
“; When you try on a beautiful fashion and invite him to be a staff officer, he will say,”?
Do you have so many clothes in your cabinet?”The lover will always respect the feeling of the woman and satisfy the vanity of the woman.

When the woman finished washing and put on her sexy underwear and sent a loving message to her husband with tenderness, her husband frowned and said, “I’m tired, I can’t secrete the male hormones for you, and I want to sleep.

“At this moment, the lover praised the woman suddenly and ceaselessly, and then she was kind to the woman, and kept asking the woman’s feelings:” Will you?

Do you feel OK?

“A lover is always the best listener to a woman, and a lover is always a woman’s conscience.

In the face of your troubles, the lover will not bother you, and will not scold you for eating all day long. He will only blame you, and he will comfort you softly . Fortunately, for modern women,The era of crying and shouting to marry is over. The proper economic growth and education of women have increased, and their desire for independence and self-actualization has been continuously strengthened?

, “A thousand flowers in the bush, leaves do not stick to the body” is no longer a patent used by men.

Faced with the anger of men and the disdain of women, we have to say once again: Why would a woman steal a lover?

Women treat themselves well and be a thief!

Go steal a lover!


[Efficacy of Sturgeon Fish Soup]_Functions_Benefits

[Efficacy of Sturgeon Fish Soup]_Functions_Benefits

Fish is an edible fish, which is rich in protein and nutrients, which can nourish the body and promote the development of the human brain.

Fish can be used to stew soup, which has a good taste and high nutritional value.

In addition to catfish, catfish tail soup is also a very nutritious food, and even a tonic soup, or a medicated diet, can prevent the emergence of human diseases.

So, what are the effects of catfish soup?

First, the effect of catfish soup catfish has the effect of relieving liver heat and treating headaches and dazzles.

Second, American Ginseng Papaya Sturgeon Soup Ingredients: Anchovy, half a papaya, a little lotus seeds, a few lilies, a few red dates, a few wolfberries, a little ginseng.

step 1.

Prepare all the ingredients, put ginger, lotus seeds, lilies, and American ginseng in the pot 2.

Soak the fish in salt for a while and add it to the water for 3 minutes.

When you ‘re almost done, add papaya, add salt and three, oyster mushroom and bonito soup ingredients: 250 grams of fresh oyster mushroom, 2 bonito (about 300 grams), 50 grams of chicken, 5 grams of soy sauce, 50 grams of vinegar, 25 sugarG, 1 g refined salt, 1 g monosodium glutamate, 3 g sesame oil, 5 g minced shallot, 5 g ginger, 10 g pea seedlings, 1000 ml chicken brothScales, internal organs, rinse well.

2. Remove fascia from chicken, wash and cut 2 cm cubes.

3. Put the chicken broth in the soup pot and add an appropriate amount of water. Add the anchovies to the pot and add the onion and ginger.

When it is cooked with simmering fire until the eighth is ripe, add the oyster mushroom slices to the soup and boil. Add the soy sauce, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil and mix well in the basin.

4. Creamy catfish soup ingredients: grass carp 350 grams, bamboo shoots 25 grams, Jinhua ham 25 grams, lard (refined) 15 grams, salt 3 grams, green onions 5 grams, cooking wine 10 grams, ginger 3 grams.

step 1.

Fish scales, mixed intestines, add wine, lightly salted; washed with green onions and chopped; ginger slices.

Wash and slice the bamboo shoots.


Stir-fried ginger slices, stir-fry the bamboo shoots, add water, boil the fish, add wine, salt, and simmer for 40 minutes until the soup is milky white, sprinkle with minced ham, spring onions, and lard.

[Hot pork fried pork]_ fried pork _ how to make

[Hot pork fried pork]_ fried pork _ how to make

Water chestnut is a very common ingredient that can not only supplement trace elements, but also provide vitamins.

Many girls hope that whitening can eat more water chestnuts. This is good for their skin. It can add skin protein and make the skin more elastic.

There are many cooking dishes for water chestnut, which can be paired with meat slices, so that the taste of both sides can be superior.

So, what is the process of making water chestnuts?

First, the material water chestnut, sliced meat, cucumber, shallot, salt two, method 1.

Add salt, cooking wine and raw flour to the meat slices 2.

Stir in pieces for ten minutes after mixing well.

Break the water chestnut in the middle and split it into two ready for 4.

Soak the cut water chestnuts in salt water; cut cucumbers and carrots into diamond-shaped pieces for later use; heat the pan and add oil; stir-fry the meat pieces; stir-fry the meat pieces after the color changes;After a few times, add cucumber slices and carrot slices and stir-fry; add salt and other spices, stir-fry evenly and load on plate 5.

Heat the pan, add a small amount of oil, and stir-fry with garlic slices.

Stir-fry and sauté the meat.

After the meat pieces are stir-fried and discolored, enter the water chestnuts and stir-fry 8.

Stir fry a few times, add cucumber and stir-fry, and add salt and other seasonings. Stir-fry evenly and load into a plate.

Qingdu cure sore water chestnut has the functions of clearing heat and clearing heat, and detoxifying alcohol. An appropriate amount of white sugar and water chestnut powder are used to make a paste, which is suitable for mouth pain, thirst, and sore throat caused by drinking alcohol.

Water chestnut can also relieve skin diseases and assist in treating various skin diseases such as pediatric head ulcers and head and face yellow sores.


“Spleen and Qi” has been recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”. Eating water chestnuts can nourish the spleen and stomach, strengthen the body, and strengthen health and energy. It is a good tonic. Water chestnut porridge is good for the stomach, and regular consumption of water chestnuts is good for the body.Efficacy of Spleen Yiqi.


Slimming and body-building Chinese medicine believes that consumption of water chestnuts can “replenish the five internal organs, and not survive and lose weight”. There is not much accumulation in water chestnuts, which basically does not contain any feces. It is a very low food; and it is rich in minerals and cellulose., Can promote gastrointestinal motility, promote body digestion, with the effect of weight loss and body shaping.


Anti-cancer and anti-cancer water chestnut is a kind of medicinal plant with anti-cancer effect. The reason why the water chestnut can be used for anti-cancer and anti-cancer is because the water chestnut contains an anti-cancer substance called AH-13; this substance is effective for ascitesThe degeneration and tissue hyperplasia of type I phosphate have a very obvious inhibitory effect.

[Can pumpkin and peach eat together-]_ 桃桃 _ 同 吃

[Can pumpkin and peach be eaten together?

】 _Peach_Don’t eat

The content of vitamins and supplementary fiber in pumpkin is very high. Eating pumpkin regularly is good for your health. Although pumpkin has high nutritional content, it is not suitable for eating in large quantities. The starch content in pumpkin is very high.If eaten in large quantities, it will cause bloating. Pumpkins are also contraindicated when eating. Many foods and pumpkins cannot be eaten together.

Can pumpkin and peach be eaten together?

Under normal circumstances, pumpkin and peach can be eaten together, the ingredients in between will not produce harmful substances, and will not cause adverse reactions, eating together will not cause physical discomfort.

You can eat peaches with pumpkin.

Pumpkins and peaches are conventional foods. They are non-toxic foods that can be eaten directly, and there is no mutual reaction and gram quality, so they can be eaten together.

The benefits of eating pumpkin improve the autumn and dry autumn climate, many friends will have different degrees of dry lips, nasal bleeding and dry skin.

Autumn is also a season of high incidence of “flu”, and mothers cannot help worrying about their baby’s health.

The carotene contained in pumpkin can be absorbed by the body and converted into vitamin A. In addition, pumpkin also contains rich vitamin E, which can help various hormones of the pituitary gland secrete normally, enable children to grow and maintain normal health and enhance body immunityPower, greatly improve Qiuzao symptoms.

Protecting prostate pumpkin seed oil prevents prostate cell proliferation.

Pumpkin seed oil also contains carotenoids and omega 3 fatty acids, which reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Zinc in pumpkin seeds is also good for prostate health.

Preventing hypertension In the fall, eating pumpkin raw or steaming to half-cooked food will help reduce serum hypertension and triglycerides, thereby preventing hypertension.

Preventing Diabetes Eating a moderate amount of pumpkin in autumn is beneficial to prevent diabetes, because pumpkin polysaccharide contained in pumpkin is an active ingredient for lowering blood sugar, which has the effect of lowering blood sugar level. Diabetics cannot eat more than 250 grams of pumpkin at a time and 500 grams per day.

Cancer prevention pumpkin contains carotene, lycopene, eating pumpkin in autumn is helpful to prevent rectal cancer, uterine cancer and male prostate cancer, etc. At the same time, the toxin zinc in pumpkin is beneficial to suppress cell canceration.

Eating insects to eat pumpkins or pumpkin seeds in autumn is also beneficial to the treatment of children’s tapeworms and roundworms, and can play a role in deworming.

Bright-eyed pumpkin is one of the fruits and vegetables with β-carotene, this nutrient can be converted into vitamin A in the human body.

Vitamin A enhances the field of vision of the eye in dim environments.

Harvard University research shows that vitamin A can also reduce the decline in retinal function caused by retinal pigment degeneration.

In addition, vitamin A also helps to form and maintain healthy skin, teeth and bones.

Cosmetologist Yan Xiuyuan said that “pumpkins are a wonderful product for nourishing blood”. Pumpkin is rich in vitamins and minerals. Pumpkins often eat pumpkin oxides in the autumn, and the skin is smooth and beautiful, especially for women.Role.

[Stomach falling pain after the same room]_Stomach falling swell_Stomach falling pain_Fangshang_How to cause

[Stomach falling pain after the same room]_Stomach falling swell_Stomach falling pain_Fangshang_How to cause

It is a very happy thing to share the room with the one you love. It can not only relieve the pressure of high blood pressure, but also enhance the relationship between the couple.

However, some people often feel the lower abdomen swell after sharing the same room, and sometimes they always want to go to the bathroom.

What is the reason for this?

This problem has invaded many female friends. Today, we will tell you about this problem. What exactly may cause the lower abdomen to swell in the same room?

In the gynecology clinic or gynaecological survey, the lower abdomen swell after the same room is often encountered by most women.

So what is the reason for the lower abdomen to swell after the same room?

Experts point out that this is a normal reaction, mainly because the urinary tract feels in the same room after indirect or direct stimulation. However, it is not possible to rule out the possibility that the lower abdomen will swell due to urinary tract infection.

Under normal circumstances, the lower abdomen bulges after the same room. The urination feeling is a normal physiological response. It is mainly due to the urinary feeling after indirect or direct stimulation in the same room.

However, it is not possible to rule out the possibility that the lower abdomen will swell due to urinary tract infection.
Female friends should closely observe the phenomenon of lower abdomen bulging after sharing the same room. If there is obvious discomfort, see a doctor in time.

In addition, the reasons for the lower abdomen bulging after intercourse are as follows: 1. If there is complications in the lower abdomen due to complications during two menstrual periods, ovulation pain should be considered.

2. Malignant tumors of the genital organs often show a slow onset and gradually increase.

3. The most common cause of chronic lower abdominal pain in gynecological diseases is chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

4, there are also to consider the sexual activity is too serious vaginal discomfort caused by abdominal pain, followed by consideration of pelvic inflammatory disease and other complications caused by inflammation.

Can observe 2?
Look at it for 3 days. If you disappear in a short period of time, then you should pay attention not to be too intense in your sexual life.

If there is no such pain for a long time, you should go to the hospital for a B-ultrasound. If it is pelvic inflammatory disease, you can take medicine such as pelvic net capsules or gynecological Qianjin tablets.

The above is the introduction on this issue, and I would like to suggest all female friends here.

It is best to go to the toilet after sharing the room. This will not only keep the genitals healthy, but also exercise the genital muscles to increase the pleasure of sharing the room.

If it is found to be another cause at the hospital, you only need to actively treat it, and you don’t have to worry too much.

[No steaming steamed buns]_how to do_how to do

[No steaming steamed buns]_how to do_how to do

I believe that almost everyone has eaten steamed buns, but for making steamed buns, one of the most difficult steps people think is the process of baking.

The process of baking is very important. The quality of the hair is determined to some extent by the softness of the bun.

In fact, there are several ways to make steamed buns without baking, such as using baking soda and so on.

There is a method: you can add one or two pounds of noodles with vinegar for one or two, lukewarm water for seven or two, wake up for ten minutes, add a pen of baking soda or flour soda, and knead until there is no sour taste, so the steamed buns are large and white.

Use baking powder for baking on cold days. Adding a little sugar can shorten the fermentation time.

When steaming the buns, if the noodles appear to be non-hairy, and you are waiting for steaming, you can dig a pit in the noodles, pour a little white wine, and make the noodles in a few minutes.

When the noodles made with the primer are not too open, but you are anxious to steam the buns, you can knead the noodles and place the buns as usual, just don’t forget to pour a small glass of white wine in the middle of the cage drawer when you put the pan in the pan.The steamed buns were still fragrant, sweet and soft.

After the dough has risen, soda (baking soda) is needed, because the dough will produce sour taste and destroy the crude fiber during the fermentation process. By adding alkaline water, it can neutralize the acidity and enhance the taste.

In addition to the proper proportion of flour, water and baking powder for making flour, the most important thing is to make two bursts.

It means that the flour and the dough need to be doubled, and then the buns or steamed buns need to be proofed a second time. The standard for the second proofing should be that the steamed buns have risen significantly before they can be put into the pan.

It takes longer to bake in seasons with higher temperatures. White sugar and eggs can be appropriately added to the flour. White sugar and eggs can help fermentation.

Can shorten fermentation time.
Tips: 1 flour is very simple to make, usually leave a small piece of dough in the refrigerator and put it in the refrigerator, let it naturally proof.

The next time you bake it, it will be replaced with warm water and it will cause an effect in the flour; 2 When you find that the batter is not good, dig a small hole in the middle of the dough and pour an appropriate amount of white wine to make the dough quickly ferment; 3 foundThe steamed pasta turns yellow, indicating that the alkali is large. Pour an appropriate amount of white vinegar in the steamer water and steam for 10 minutes. The color immediately turns white.

[A kind of bird’s nest is a good bird’s nest_A kind of bird’s nest is the best]

[A kind of bird’s nest is a good bird’s nest_A kind of bird’s nest is the best]

Bird’s nest is the most familiar food.

But people only know bird’s nest, and the type or grade of bird’s nest is unrecognizable.

So delicious high-quality bird’s nest should be uncommon, so people usually may not be too clear about the role of bird’s nest.

Bird’s nest has a great effect, it can regulate various parts of the human body.

Prevent disease.

So what kind of bird’s nest is good? What kind of bird’s nest is best?

What kind of bird’s nest is good?

The method of distinguishing the quality of bird’s nests is as follows: 1. A bird’s nest with good dryness must have a high dryness, and it will break if it is slightly folded.

The higher the dryness, the easier it is to store. It should be kept in a cool place and sealed to prevent mold.

Poor bird’s nests are not dry enough to meet the standards, and it is not easy to bend them by manual bending. Such bird’s nests have high humidity, occupy a large amount, and are not easy to place.

It should be pointed out that if the bird’s nest needs to be transported, it is necessary to spray water appropriately. If the bird’s nest is not sprayed, the foot-dried bird’s nest will be easily broken.Is a very conscientious business!

It does not mean that its bird’s nest quality is not good.

2. Whether the high-quality bird’s nest can see clear lines under the sun, and there may be a certain gap. This is because there are feathers in the bird’s nest, which need to be picked. However, the gap may be generated after artificial hair picking.This kind of bird’s nest is not treated by brushing and seaming.

Inferior bird’s nest, in order to increase weight and make the bird’s nest suddenly dense, will use glue to fill the gap after picking hair, and the lines are not clear in the sun. This kind of bird’s nest is very cost-effective. I don’t know how much glue is in the amount.Content, and there is no oxide on the body, it may be harmful.

3. The color of the natural bird’s nest is actually a bit gray or yellow. It will not use bleaching and other treatment methods, and it is artificially picked. It will inevitably have small residues of bird’s hair, which can be seen on the bird’s nest.To some little swallowhair.

For the bird’s nest of poor quality, in order to save labor costs, use some potions to remove hair without leaving any traces of bird’s hair.

Some are also bleached or dyed. After bleaching, the bird’s nest is very white, and the red-colored bird’s nest pretends to be a congested bird. The color is fake at first glance.

4. It is inevitable that the broken bird’s nest will fall down during the processing.

Pure natural bird’s nest, after processing, the bird’s sac will be lowered, so it will overlap and be thin, and will not stick the scraps back.

In order to save costs and increase weight, inferior bird’s nests will be covered with thick debris on the bottom of the bird’s nest. It looks very unnatural, and the debris is not known what it is, most likely notBird’s nest.

5, hair head bird’s nest hair head refers to the weight of the bird’s nest before and after foaming.

High-quality swallow hair heads are generally more than 6 times, and some can even reach 8?
9 times, it depends on the quality of the bird’s nest, the time of foaming and the technology.

And the inferior bird’s nest, because of the potion treatment or the brushing, caused a small amount of bird’s nest to be damaged, and it is not easy to foam, the hair of the foam is relatively small, and even the foam cannot be foamed at all.

6. After the bird’s nest with good taste is stewed, it will have an egg white fragrance and the taste will be softened. If it is a bird’s nest, its fragrance will be more intense, the taste will be smooth, and the Q will play.

Bird’s nests of poor quality are usually treated with potions or brushes. After they are stewed, they have no scent and taste bad. Some even feel the taste of gum, which makes people suddenly have no desire to eat.

[Baby food for more than 5 months]_Baby_Species

[Baby food for more than 5 months]_Baby_Species

Five-month-old babies have just been eating complementary foods, so nutritional issues should be considered for their complementary foods, and some babies may be picky when they are just eating complementary foods. They do n’t like them very much, but Baoma must let theirEat some to make your baby suitable for future life, and when adding complementary foods, you can also add some fruits and vegetables, so what are the complementary foods suitable for babies more than five months old?

Add complementary foods in order to choose easy to digest1.

Supplementary food supplement principle (1) from small to large, such as egg yolk from 1/4, if there are no adverse reactions to 2-3 days to 1/3?
1/2, gradually eating one.

2) From thin to thick, drink rice soup for about 10 days-drink soft rice for about 10 days.

(3) From fine to coarse, vegetable water-vegetable puree-broken vegetables.

(4) Get used to one plus the other.

(5) It is added when the child is healthy and the digestive function is normal, the reaction is suspended for two days, and the health is resumed.


Supplementary food order: 4–5 months: egg yolk, gruel, soy milk substitute, vegetable puree, carrot, fruit puree, broth.

6-8 months: custard, tofu, liver puree, fish puree, lean meat, thick porridge, rotten noodles, biscuits, chopped vegetables, crushed fruitsFor supplementary foods, it is best to use light and vitamin-rich foods and fiber-containing foods. Juices and soups should be the main foods. The baby should eat regularly and eat less.

Glutinous rice longan raw material: 1 cup of glutinous rice (about 50 grams).

Longan meat content, 1000 ml of water, sugar content, 2 tablespoons of rice wine.

Production method: 1.

Wash the glutinous rice without impurities; 2.

Add glutinous rice to 1000 ml of water and cook in a pot for about 5 minutes; 3.

Add longan into the pot and continue cooking until fully cooked. 40 Add sugar and some rice wine to the pot and open the pot. Replace it when the temperature is appropriate.

Features: When cooking glutinous rice, fresh water must be added, and the glutinous rice must be thoroughly cooked and rotten, which is good for babies.

It has a therapeutic effect on infant anemia.

Ingredients for mashed potatoes: 50 grams of potatoes (or sweet potatoes, pumpkin), similar to white sugar and salt.

Production method: 1.

Wash and steam the potatoes, peel them and press them into mud, or stir-fry with some vegetable oil; 2.

Add a little sugar or salt when feeding.

Features: A small amount of carbohydrates such as sugars. After 5 months, the baby’s activity increases.

Consumption increases, so additional supplies are required, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and coriander

[What is the best method of contraception now _ girls have some method of contraception]

[What is the best method of contraception now _ girls have some method of contraception]

Nowadays, more and more women are more concerned about their careers and are unwilling to get pregnant prematurely. This requires women to pay attention to contraception after having sex.

We usually use more common contraceptive methods such as taking contraceptives, using condoms and belt loops, etc. These methods can be more effective for contraception, and women can choose freely.

So, what is the best way to be confident now?

How do women have the best and safest contraception?

A common method of contraception is recommended.1 A medroxyprogesterone contraceptive is expected to give birth for 3 months at a time.

In menstruation 2?
Inject 150mg once every 7 days, once every 3 months.

2. The contraceptive ring is called a contraceptive ring, and the “instrument” is a device called a uterine device.

It can stay in the womb for five years from the time it is placed in the body.

It is especially suitable for women with excessive menstrual blood and dysmenorrhea, with a success rate of 99%, and it can be said that there is almost no possibility of pregnancy.

However, there are many precautions before and after placing the birth control ring. Women must keep in mind: (1) Cervical laceration does not affect the upper birth control ring itself at the bottom of the uterus. However, it is necessary to pay attention to review to prevent the possibility of ring replacement.
(2) Acute pelvic inflammatory disease, acute vaginitis, severe cervical erosion, excessive menstrual bleeding or irregular bleeding, uterine fibroids, and cervical neck too narrow; and women with severe systemic diseases should not put on the ring, otherwise it willThe explosion worsened and the menstrual flow increased.

(3) Although the operation of putting the ring is simple and safe, it is a surgical operation after all. In order to avoid infection, the intercourse should be cleared 3 days before and 2 weeks after the operation. Pay attention to vaginal hygiene. Do not take a tub bath after putting the ring.So as not to cause uterine cavity infection.

Should pay attention to rest in advance?
2 days, do not do heavy physical labor and heavy exercise activities within a week, because the uterine cervix is loose after the ring is released, and the ring is easy to replace.

(4) For women with loose uterine mouth and heavy menstrual flow, the birth control ring may shift during menstruation. Therefore, pay attention to whether the ring falls out with blood during menstrual period.

Generally, in the first month after the ring is released, go to the hospital for inspection once the menstruation is clean, and then check again after 3 months.

Can it be 1 later?
Review once every 2 years.

Within 3 months after the ring is released, especially during the menstrual period, you should pay attention to whether the ring is replaced. If you find a replacement, take other contraceptive measures in time, and go to the hospital again after menstruation.

3, contraceptive vaginal ring contraceptive vaginal ring is an outer diameter of 5.

The 4mm soft transparent ring only needs to be placed once a month, and women can easily place it into the vagina. After that, they do not need to use other contraceptive methods. It is a hormonal contraceptive method, with a success rate of 92%.

Remove it after 3 weeks and place a new one a week later.

4. Female contraceptive patch The contraceptive patch is about half the size of a business card, just like a small paper-colored sticker.

Through the continuous release of hormones, the skin and blood vessels enter the blood, thereby inhibiting ovulation and achieving a contraceptive effect on the skin.

It can be affixed to any of the four parts of the front end, abdomen, outside of the arm, and side of the front end, but not on the body.

Put a slice on the first day of menstruation or the first Sunday of menstruation, and replace it on the same day of each week for three consecutive weeks.

Not required for the fourth week.

The patch is waterproof, so users do n’t have to worry about it falling off when bathing or swimming. The success rate is also 92%.

5. Female condoms Female condoms are made of polyurethane, coated with grease, and are similar in appearance to male condoms.

Place it in the vagina, covering the cervix with the closed end.

Like the male condom, it can only be used once.

Among them, the use of condoms has the following advantages: (1), the use of female condoms is manual and easy to master.

(2) A universal model, no need to consider whether it is appropriate, suitable for any age, pregnant women can also use it.

(3) Female condoms are mastered and used by women themselves, which can better reflect women’s intentions, so that women can better protect themselves.

(4) The female condom is large in size and covers a large area, making it difficult to slip and rupture during intercourse.

In fact, it can better play the role of condoms, can more effectively avoid pregnancy and prevent sexually transmitted diseases, especially to provide an extremely effective barrier for the prevention of AIDS.

[Postpartum contraception]_ contraception _ reproduction _ how to contraceptive _ contraceptive methods

[Postpartum contraception]_ contraception _ reproduction _ how to contraceptive _ contraceptive methods


  For postpartum women, the biggest invasion is contraception. At this time, if you do not pay attention to contraception, it is easy to get pregnant. Therefore, contraception is very important, but if the contraceptive measures are not correct, it is easy to cause harm to the child.Yes, many postpartum women do not know the correct method of contraception and choose to use contraceptives to prevent contraception. As a result, the child has precocious puberty, or it develops prematurely. So what are the postpartum contraceptive measures?

  The use of condoms and oral contraceptives is relatively safe, because there may be a problem after the IUD is placed. Now IUDs often use a device with a tail wire. This tail wire is equivalent to disrupting cervical immunity.Isolation of the plug.

Immune embolism leads to the isolation of the vaginal bacterial and sterile environment.

  If you place a pigtail IUD, you are building a bridge between a germ-free and sterile environment.

There may be bleeding in a short time after placement, or bleeding after the ring is placed. In the case of bleeding, the cervix is also open, which increases the chance of infection.

  Sheung Wan 42 days after delivery (6 weeks postpartum), if it is a caesarean, it is 6 months.

But the type of ring is definitely determined by the doctor, because the doctor must consider your uterine cavity size and other factors when you are on the ring.

  In this case, in some cases you want to use “Man Yuele contraceptive ring”, that is also possible, but it is necessary to know in advance the side effects of the drug and the impact of menstruation.

In addition, if you want to “T-ring”, that’s fine.

  Because the ring that the doctor chooses for you is also a trial process to a usable process. For example, you have already used two rings, and the results are not very good, or there are cases of falling down, it may help you choose a fixed typeContraceptive ring.

  These are about postpartum contraceptive measures. If you have a child now and want to be confident, you can choose such contraceptive measures to try for yourself. These contradictory measures will not harm the oxidant, and will not have any harm to the woman’s body.What harm, in fact, it is best to wear a condom for postpartum contraception. If you don’t like it, you can choose to use the ring to give yourself contraception.