[How to clean the black line of prawns]

[How to clean the black line of prawns]

I believe that friends who have processed prawns know that there is a black line on the back of the prawn. If it is not processed, it will affect the taste of the prawn, then we should pay attention to the method of cleaning the prawn black line.

The black line of the prawn is implanted in the lower body. We can open the head of the prawn and pull the black line out, or use a toothpick to pull the black line out. It is recommended that you can learn how to handle the black line of prawns.
The black line on the back of the shrimp is very dirty. Must be removed?

The shrimp line is not really clean, so it is generally recommended to remove it when handling shrimp.

But if you accidentally eat it, or if you are too lazy to deal with it, that’s fine.

Because after cooking, the bacteria in the shrimp line will be killed by high temperature, which is safe, but the taste (soily smell) and taste will be worse.

How to go to shrimp line?

Method 1: Use a toothpick to align the end of the shrimp from its head, count to the third quarter, and insert a toothpick at this position and gently pull it out, then pick it out!

Method 2: Use a knife to cut the shrimp along the center line of the shrimp, and then use the knife tip to pick out the black shrimp line.

The shrimp head is black, is the heavy metal exceeding the standard?

No problem with farmed shrimp.

The heavy metals in shrimp are mainly supplemented with water and feed. Generally speaking, the contents of viscera (shrimp head) and shrimp shell will be higher.

But think about if the water quality and feed are too poor, and shrimp can’t survive, then distance farming is guaranteed.

Some shrimp heads are black because the feed or tyrosinase produces some melanin, which has nothing to do with heavy metals.

Are there any parasites in the shrimp?

The safest to cook.

Some time ago, the Internet widely spread a video and graphics, saying that there are parasites in shrimp, and each one has.

In fact, the so-called white parasite is actually the vas deferens of shrimp, but there is a risk of parasites in aquatic products. The best way is to cook them.

Drunk shrimp and crab, although delicious, are actually a safety hazard.