[Can winter melon seeds be eaten]_Winter melon seeds_Can I eat_Can I eat them?

[Can winter melon seeds be eaten]_Winter melon seeds_Can I eat_Can I eat them?

Many people will directly discard winter melon seeds after eating them. In fact, this method is very wasteful because winter melon seeds are very good foods and contain extremely rich nutrients. Therefore, winter melon seeds can even be eaten, and eating them is also good for the body.Very good.

First, how to eat winter melon seeds Do not throw away the remaining winter melon seeds, otherwise important nutrients in winter melon will be wasted.

It is recommended to mix winter melon seeds with some winter melon meat, put them in a blender and break them together, then pour in an appropriate amount of water and cook on low heat to cool.

When you are thirsty and want to drink, add some honey to taste.

This homemade winter melon drink is even fresh and delicious, and has multiple functions of detoxification, skin beauty and fat burning.

Second, the nutritional value of winter melon seeds Winter melon seeds are rich in protein, trace amounts, urease, saponin B vitamins and so on.

The fatty acids contained in winter melon seeds are mainly unsaturated fatty acids, the main component of which is also linoleic acid, which can reduce cholesterol and glyceride in human blood and help coronary heart disease.

The linoleic acid and other substances in the vegetable oil contained in winter melon seeds are beauty agents for moisturizing the skin.

Unsaturated fatty acids can make the face rosy and shiny, the skin is tender and soft, and the hair is dark and shiny.

Modern nutrition research has found that melon seeds contain saponins, trace amounts, citrulline, unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid and other components, which can effectively reduce trace and cholesterol levels in the blood and have positive significance for cardiovascular disease.

In addition, winter melon seeds can also promote the body’s immune function.

3. Efficacy and effect of melon seeds 1. Pharmacological effects After hot water extraction of melon seeds, the inner fluid was obtained by dialysis, and the mitogenic activity of this solution on mouse lymphocytes was reduced.

Renal fluid is a B-cell mitogen, with PBA (clone B-cell activator) activity and adjuvant activity, which significantly increases the number of PFC (broad spot forming cells) and exhibits immune-promoting effects.

Protease inhibitors were isolated and purified from winter melon seeds, and four components with trace protease activity were obtained, two of which were small molecule protease inhibitors.

Winter melon seeds have good health and anti-aging effects.

Winter melon seeds are cool and sweet.

It has the effects of clearing the lungs and resolving phlegm, relieving pain and purging pimples, and dampening dampness. It is used clinically by Chinese medicine to treat phlegm-heat cough, lung diarrhea, bowel diarrhea, white turbidity, underbelly, edema, athlete’s foot, etc.

2. Prepare raw medicinal materials with melon seeds, remove impurities and zongzi, wash and dry.

Stir fry winter melon seeds, put the net winter melon seeds in a pot, and fry with gentle heat until the surface is yellow and slightly burnt, then let cool.

Smash when used.

“Emergency Party”: “Fried, last.

”Store in a dry container, and keep it in a ventilated and dry place in a closed place to prevent breaking.

Winter melon seeds: sweet and cold.

It has the functions of clearing the lungs and resolving phlegm, eliminating belching and purging.

The raw winter melon seeds are longer than clearing the lungs and removing phlegm, eliminating urination and purging.

Mostly used for lung heat cough, lung dysentery, bowel dysentery.

Stir-fried winter melon seeds: After the frying, the coldness is relieved, the scent of Qi is opened, and the spleen is longer than the wetness.

Mostly used in wet tropical, turbid.