[Effects and effects of Chinese honey]_function_effect

[Effects and effects of Chinese honey]_function_effect

Honey is a very common tonic in our lives. It has the effects of intestinal laxative, nourishing the spleen and stomach.

China is a country that loves to eat honey. Different bees are cultivated in different regions, so many different varieties of honey have been produced, all of which have unique taste and high-value nutrition.

Chinese honey is a very well-known type of honey. So, what are the specific effects and functions of Chinese honey?

Medium honey is the honey produced by the Chinese bee.

Commonly known as bumblebee candy, middle bee candy, also called native honey.

Various ingredients such as glucose, fructose, amino acids and vitamins in soil honey, often eaten have heat clearing and detoxifying, moisturizing dryness, beauty, anti-aging and other effects, the common effects of honey 1, prolactin.

There is a saying that sweet wine can promote milk. In fact, honey can also promote milk and beat sweet wine.

Women of childbearing age, starting from pregnancy, eat an appropriate amount of honey every day, which can ensure the baby’s excess breast milk and can effectively enhance the immunity of mother and baby.

2. Trauma.

Chinese people call Chinese honey “a hundred herbs”.

It has significant effects on stab wounds, scalds, scratches and abscesses in humans and animals. The author personally applied a layer of medium honey directly on the wound to immediately stop the pain and stop bleeding, and healed according to the severity of the injury. This method will not only not infect and purifyIn addition, scars are scarcely left after healing.

3. Pilot.

My relatives have been suffering from hypertension for more than ten years, and it is difficult to breathe every day when it is cold, and it is difficult to do housework.

At the age of sixty in 1998, there were ten swarms of bees in the family. They got 200 pounds of medium honey (quinquefolium honey) and ate all of them. Each morning and evening, they used hot water (70 degrees) to cash in. The body gradually recovered, and the spirit was obvious after two years.He improved, and although he could not cure, he rarely had difficulty breathing.

4, liver protection.

There are gallic nectar and pine tree honey produced by Chinese bee. Its medicinal value is very high. Many folk herbs are used to formulate cough, stone, hypertension, hepatitis, constipation and other diseases.

A bee lover with hepatitis B in our country ate up all the 200 kilograms of gallic honey produced by him within a year, and his illness was actually better.

The author does not recommend the use of gallic honey alone for liver benefit.

5. Beauty.

Too many ancient pharmacopoeia have recorded “honey beauty and beauty, prolong life.”

This is indeed the case. For loved ones who have taken soil honey for many years and consider skin care products to be rubbed on the face and hands every day, after five or six years, they find that they are younger, skin more delicate, whiter, and blacker than their peers using other skin care products.

6, keep fresh.

Putting a little honey when making kimchi or pickled pepper can make the taste fresher. If the kimchi or pickled pepper is broken, you can put in half of the honey and return to normal taste after a week.

7, fitness.

① I have kidney stones, stomach problems and pharyngitis. I have been taking honey every day and have not relapsed for seven years.

② Drinking honey water when working overtime at night is good. Drinking honey water after drinking will not cause headaches and you can sober up.

③ Honey contains calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. Old people often drink honey, which is not easy to get calcium deficiency in the elderly.

④ Honey can promote child development and enhance immunity.

⑤ Many beekeepers have good health, long lifespans, fewer illnesses, and almost no rheumatism.

8. Cobalt.

The pharmacopoeia records “often drinking honey and turning gray hair”, the author observes that those who drink honey often have dark and transparent hair.

9. Constipation.

One of the most obvious effects of honey is the treatment of constipation. Drink a glass of fresh honey water in the morning and evening, and it will heal in two days.

It is worth reminding that flowers are the essence of plants and flowers, honey is the essence of flowers, and honey is a godsend.

The real Chinese honey does not need to be processed artificially, it must produce pollution-free mountainous areas, and it is made by collecting flowers of mountains and flowers. It has the unique body fragrance of Chinese honeybees.

However, mountainous areas are difficult, traffic is closed, life is monotonous, beekeeping is lonely, and young people cannot accept it and go out to work.

In addition, the poor concentration of Chinese bees, the worsening climate, low honey production, beekeepers failing to make ends meet, and abandon beekeeping. As a result, there has been no large-scale Chinese bee farms, so it is difficult to buy real Chinese honey